Thursday, June 28, 2007


Summertime can be a wonderful time for you and your yorkie. It is a time when their are lots of outdoor functions, bar-b-cues and gatherings of friends and family. It can also be a time when your yorkie may be put at risk, particularly when it is hot out.

Dogs cool themselves by panting. It is normal for them to pant when they are outside in the sun, however, excessive play or exposure to the hot summer sun can cause heat stress or heatstroke. When a dog becomes overheated, they will lie down or flop down. Sometimes they may pace back and forth in agitation and they will be panting heavily. A dog's temperature can rise very quickly. Symptoms of heat stroke can include weakness, staggering, drooling and even unconsciousness. Their eyes may appear glazed and pupils dilated.

If your dog or pup displays this kind of behavior, move them to a cool or shaded area immediately. Pour and bathe them in cool water.......not icy water. If you can, check their temperature rectally. It should not be higher than 103 degrees and if you cannot lower their temperature with the cool bathing within 20 minutes, call your veterinarian immediately so that the dog can be treated. Heat stroke/stress can be deadly.

Some ways that you can potentially avoid this problem are:
1. Limit activity and play time in the direct sun.
2. Provide fresh cool water at all times for your pup.
3. Provide a shaded shelter/kennel cage to limit activity for rest time even if your Yorkie is having so much fun!
4, Take your Yorkie in the pool or water for a dip periodically during your summer fun.
5. Never-ever leave your dog or puppy in the car. Even if you leave the windows open, the temperature rises very quickly and can kill your yorkie.

Even though there are many hazards to the summer, it can also be a great time for you and your puppy. Have fun and take care. Holly

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Delia's little fatties here!!! These pups are absolutely adorable. Click on the photo to enlarge so you can see them closely. I did not have the heat to disturb the little pink bellied fat boy. He was sleeping so soundly!!!! Just too cute. I just love the little Blockhead boy. He has the nicest shaped head and short muzzle.......he is going to be a real looker for sure. Enjoy! HOlly

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


The Thombleys sent me these great pictures of them and Otis climbing Mt. Kearsage this past weekend. This is just amazing!! Otis is the son of Ruby and Grady.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


On July 1st I will be making an announcement on here. After much consideration, I will be venturing in another direction and want to share it with you. Watch my Blog for the big NEWS! Holly

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Just a reminder that TMY is a member in the Purina Dog Breeders club and anyone feeding Purina One of any sort, please save and send to me your Purina circles off the bags. We would appreciate it very much! thanks Holly


Key and Dani-Lynn found a "big stick" and were having fun with it yesterday. I couldn't resist a picture........... Holly


Hi everyone, today I am featuring Taylor's Bettin' On the Brie. "Brie" as we call her is 10 weeks old this week. She is the daughter of Taylor's Ruby Tuesday Surprize and Taylors Sir Grady. Brie weighs a tad over 3 pounds and is going to be a big girl probably up around 7 lbs like her mom when she is full grown. Brie is a little shy and reserved right now but I think she will come out of it. This friday we start formal leash training and show ring handling. It is never too early to start. What I have noticed about Ruby's pups are they are really fancy. They carry their tails up, their ears are up and alert and they prance all about. Brie has an awesome topline and carrys herself well. As a show hopeful and potential future breeder, we will be watching her closely. Showing starts at 6 mo old so she has a way to go. We look forward to all of you to meet Brie at the Yorkie Family Reunion this summer being held on July 28th here at TMY!! HOlly

Monday, June 18, 2007


Delia's babies are now 5 days old and they all have gained at least 2 oz a piece. Tails and dew were done on Saturday. The little girl is the one on the far left top and then boy 1, 2, 3 . The littlest boy is on the far right bottom. Enjoy. Holly

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Playtime is so important for these puppies. They have to be confined during some of the day for their safety, to sleep and to eat. But every day I try to get them outside for play time and to expend some of that couped up energy. I know if this were a video, all of you would be laughing right now. They play so hard and zoom around the pen, barking and jumping and just acting crazy! They are so darn cute. Even Mom-Ruby gets in on the playing and so does half sister Ali. Holly


Delia's little ones are 24 hours old and doing just fabulous. We went to see Dr Hutchins today for a recheck and all are gaining and being little piggies. Mom is doing great as well. She is so attentive and just loves her little ones.
In clarification after discussion with Dr H this morning, the one pup's placenta had started to detach but had not detached totally. If it had, the pup would have died, starved from oxygen and nutrition. Fast work and accurate assessment worked in this little guys favor. Today I have watched them closely and all are content and being perfect little yorkies. I will keep all of you posted with updates and new pictures as time allows. HOlly

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Yashanti's Devilish Delia has been one surprize after another ! Our girl blessed us with one puppy back in November 2006 and we really wanted to have another litter by her on her this season. As most of you remember, we announced that we did not have a successful breeding, therefore we would try again in 6-7 months, but to our surprize, her belly grew and next thing we knew, the x-ray showed 4 puppies. Since that time, we have been impatiently waiting for her to have her pups.
She started in labor night before last and to our dismay, never progressed. We had her vet checked at 5 pm last night and she was ready........we just needed to wait for her to start pushing. We monitored her all night and early this morning but she never pushed at all so I took her back to see doc...........we ended up having an emergency C-section. Doc thought that one of the pups placenta's might have separated and sure enough........that was the problem. That male pup fortunately had a great team of people to work on him and he is doing fine at this hour. Delia now has 4 beautiful little babies. 3 boys and 1 girl. The boys weigh, 3 oz, 3 3/4oz and 4 1/4 oz. Their sister weighs 4 1/8 oz. Mom is doing fine and all are nursing well. TMY has again been blessed with healthy pups and a thriving mom!!! I will keep you posted on their progress. HOlly

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


How many times have you had to rush around in the morning and get ready for work? You glance down only to see your little Yorkie looking up at you, tail going a hundred miles an hour as if to say.........please play with with me. You try to ignore that little face, because you feel bad.........sputtering under your breath........."I don't have time to play this morning.....". You continue to rush around.........making sure food and water is available in their area. Then the moment comes you HAVE to go out the door. You scoop him/her up and to their pen they go. On the way you say something like, be a good girl/boy today. Use your pee pads and I will be home later. You put them in. You glance again............looking at that sad little face......maybe they are whimpering or barking........."'t leave.!!!"
At this point your heart melts..............darn.......I hate to leave but I have too........
Something I have always said to my babes as I turn to walk away is, " I WILL BE BACK!" know....the old Arnie Schwat's saying....................
Now call me nuts but I truly believe that they learn quickly what that means. Kelsi my 10 year old has always responded positively to those words. She trusts I will be back, and she trusts I will make the time to give her quality moments each and every day. Although we may feel guilty about leaving, we moms and dads can particularly appreciate this feeling, our babes adapt very well to the routine of work life. As long as all the comforts are available to them, food, water, bed, toys and pee pads, your baby will be fine. The good part about leaving is always the return..........."I'm home" I shout. What greater joy is there then scooping up that little bundle of wiggles and yips, puppy kisses and love.................... There is nothing better than having a Yorkie!!! Enjoy your day! Holly

Monday, June 11, 2007


TMY is pleased to announce the date is set for our First Annual Yorkie Family Reunion. We really hope you all can fit it into your already busy summer schedules and come for at least part of the afternoon. This is why we feel TMY sets itself apart from other breeders!! You are all in the family now!!! Holly

Taylor Made Yorkies is pleased to invite you and your family to come and join us for a day of fun and great food, at our first annual Yorkie Family Reunion. This will be a great socializing event and it will give me an opportunity to see all of my little babies once again in person! Any questions please email me or call: 207 282-5561. Holly

Who: You, Your Yorkie and Immediate Family
(please leave your other pets at home)
WHERE: TMY’s- 50 Laura Lane, Arundel, ME
WHEN: Saturday July 28th, 2007
*Rain date Sunday July 29thth, 2007
*Extended rain date Sat. Aug. 11th
TIME: 12:00 noon to whenever
WHAT: Reunion, Bar-b-cue, Swimming, Prizes, Pictures

What to bring:
· Lawn chairs, (tent, camper-if you are staying)
· Swim suit and towels (your yorkie may go for a swim even if you don’t)
· Leash and crate
· Food to share with all guests (30+)(final count after RSVP)
· Camera
· Beverage of choice-ice/cooler if you have onees.


Here are some of the little guys (Ruby's litter & Key) playing outside with us yesterday. See that big water bowl..........well lets just say it didn't have water in it much...........LOL. Brie has her head in the bowl, Otis and Key are frolicking and little Dani-lynn is posing pretty for the camera. Enjoy! Holly


Yesterday all the 'kids" and I spent the day bathing, grooming and then playing in the sunshine. We all had a picnic lunch, played ball and drank iced tea...........Well I drank the tea and they had water...but we had such a great day. The little ones even were out and they spent most of their time jumping into the water bowl and carrying it around the pen.

Kelsi and Ruby taking a break in the shade. Abbie and Grady taking advantage of the cool grass under the lawnchair and 7 of the adults trying to figure that long hose worked. Such a great day and what better company!!!! Holly

Friday, June 08, 2007


My little Key, "Taylor's Million Dollar Kiosck" saw the camera and could have cared less about continueing to play. He is such a ham and loves to have his picture taken. Here he is posing so handsome!! Key is the son of Abbie and Grady and is one of TMY's show hopefuls. He weighs 2 lbs at 12 weeks. Such a little cutie!!! Holly


TMY just had their surprise State of Maine Kennel inspection today. I am happy to report that we passed with flying colors. Of course with any inspection, there are always suggestions for improvement but overall they were very pleased. Some of things that the State inspectors look for are:
1. Cleanliness of the environment and how you disinfect and clean.
2.Feeding and exercise program.
3. Immunization program and records
4. Breeding and mortality records.
5.Disease control and Health program.
6. Sales and informational contracts and paperwork.
We are very proud of our breeding program, our dogs and puppies and hope you will continue your support and appreciation for all we do. Thank you. Holly


The top picture is Delia resting on the couch. This pic was not staged. She was just hanging out and showing her how proud she is of her big booda!!
Today was the big day!! Delia is having 4 puppies confirmed by x-ray. At first we thought we did not have a successful breeding back in May, then we thought she might be having a false pregnancy............but she fooled us all. 4 babies on the way sometime within the next week or so........we will keep you all posted. It is sooooooooo exciting.....just pray for a good delivery and healthy pups for us! Holly

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Hi is little Jessi. Jessi is one of Jazzy's babes that was born in January O7. Mom has already given her one haircut..........and she is just as cute as a button. Jessi was extremely dark faced as a little tyke, but as you can see, it looks like she will have correct color and be blue and tan. Keep the updated photos coming!!! We love it. HOlly