Friday, August 31, 2007


Recently buying a new place, we couldn’t think of a better way to complete our home than with a new puppy. After doing some research, we fell in love with yorkies and decided this was going to be the breed best fit for us. Looking for several months, we luckily came upon the Taylor Made Yorkies web site. From day one, Holly couldn’t have been more attentive to us. We were able to quickly make the decision this was the place to turn.

As first time yorkie owners, Holly was understanding and helpful every step of the way. Our first visit to see our little boy was very exciting. The thing that stuck out to us was how much you feel at home from the moment you step into Holly’s home. Her professionalism, compassion, and love for what she does are evident. She made an effort to get to know us and create a relationship that will be lasting.

Now, having Fenway at home, it is very clear that Holly puts everything into each puppy. He has been more than we could have asked for. Fenway is a complete joy and well-behaved pup, which we credit to Holly. She has been there for us with our silly questions and proud moments. All in all, we could not have asked for a better experience. We would recommend going through Taylor Made Yorkies without reservation.

Meghan, Brad, and Fenway



What a joyous day for Erin.........she is taking Oliver home. Best wishes to them both. Holly


Here is Meghan, Brad and Fenway the day they went home. Are they not "ALL" adorable???


Here is Monica and Dursey the day they were going home! Best Wishes and Puppy Kisses

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Hi, my name is Oliver and I just love to jump and play. My mom at TMY used to call me "Blockhead" because when i was really little my head was wide and my nose short. My mom here says she loves that look................heehee. Tomorrow I go home with my new mom and dad. I am going to live in New Hampshire. I am really looking forward to it too. I can be a holy terrier for awhile until they catch on and make me mind............."don't tell I told you that!!!" Just so you know, my mom is Delia and my dad Grady. I expect to mature around 6-6.5 lbs and will probably be medium coated which my mom at TMY says is good.
I hope to see all of you again. I am going to make sure my new mom sends pictures. Bye for now. Oliver and Holly


What an experience!! My first specialty show with all Yorkshire Terriers. 78 yorkies were entered and they all looked different!!!. It was so wonderful to see that many all in one room!! For the most part everyone was very nice and spoke with me. Several of them offered good advice as well. I learned so much!
I have been concerned all along that what the judges want is the snubbed nose, little faced yorkies, small in size. Well I found out that I was wrong. The specialty judge put up mostly the "terrier type". He truly held the standard in position. What is considered the terrier type? It is the basically the face shape. He seemed to like the yorkies with some nose, kinda the rectangle shape similiar to my boy, Grady. Of course the winners had the whole package. They moved well, had a nice flat topline and were of course beautiful!!
My hostess, Sheri that invited me to go, took BEST IN SHOW with her Duncan and got a Merit AwARD for her 9 year veteran Mathew. Unbelieveable and congrats to her!!!! So see everyone...I got invited to the show by a lady with the BEST!!
Allie and I debut in Union this weekend. I realize she does not have it ALL.....but I expect her to do well at least on the leash and it gets ME into the ring. I am inviting all of you to attend and make sure to say hello. HOlly

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I tried to publish the comments on Fenway's picture but it disappeared. Sorry!! Ooops...found it!


Hello everyone!!! My name is Fenway and I am going home with my new mom, Meghan and dad, Brad today. I was the smallest pup in my litter but I will tell you ...............I am a little devil at heart. As you can see from the pictures, I love to play....and I can smile and laugh too............. I am sooooooooo cute!!! I will be going to live in Salem MA. I know my new mom and dad are just going to love me to death...........I can't wait. Like all pups I want to be spoiled. I hope to see all of you again with updated pictures and stories of my antics. Puppy kisses to all......... Fenway and Holly

Friday, August 17, 2007


I am just so excited. I have been invited to attend a Yorkshire Terrier specialty show in Wyomissing PA next week. What is a specialty show??? It is a Dog show sponsored by a Club that features only yorkshire terriers. No other type or breed will be shown there except them. This is such a great opportunity for me. Not only will I have an opportunity to see all of those beautiful yorkies, but I also will be able to see grooming techniques, meet people with the same passion that I have and hopefully.......learn learn and learn more! My friends Sheri and Beth are so kind to invite me along. I am sure I will have lots to write when I get home. I will be away from Thursday early a.m. until late sunday next week. My hubby will stay home and puppy sit....LOL Holly


Hi everyone!!! My name is "Dursey" and I am 9 weeks old. I will be going to live with my forever mom very very soon. We will be working on becoming a therapy dog, and a rally and obedience champion.
My other mom put me in here just to take a picture and I posed for her...........really cute huh??? I have 2 other brothers and one sister and my mom's name is Delia. Hopefully all of you will see pictures of my other siblings as well, ....but I bet they won't pose like I did. Enjoy and puppy kisses to all. Dursey

Thursday, August 16, 2007


TMY is pleased to announce that Jazzy has been bred as well as Liberty. Lib will be due approximately 10 days or so after Jazzy with Jazzy being due around the 12th of October. We are so excited and will continue to take great care of our moms. Hopefully they both will have a healthy pregnancy and healthy pups. We will as always, have an x-ray done around 54 days to see how many pups we are expecting. In the meantime, keep us in your thoughts and I will give you updates as they progress. Holly

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


New State of Maine Law Regarding the Advertisement of dogs and/or cats for sale in printed media. Effective September 21, 2007 L.D. 1615...... ......."the law will require all state licensed breeding kennels, pet stores, or boarding kennels to list their state liecense number in any printed advertisement including newspapers."

"To address the "unlicensed breeders" which we all have a concern, a section of L.D 1615 includes that a person may not advertise for sale, sell or exchange for value more than one cat or dog in a 12 month period unless that person has a valid animal shelter, kennel, breeding kennel or pet shop license or a valid vendor's license................" Fees and fines are available in print at the Maine Department of Agriculture Food and Rural Resources.

Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!! Finally there may be justice for all of us who are trying to do the right thing...paying sales tax, reporting our business and working diligently for our Maine license to sell dogs and or cats. So those of you who are breeding dogs and cats and advertising them for sale..........the State is watching you and you had better follow up and DO the right thing starting September 21st............because it will be just a matter of time when you get a knock at your door!!! So you think that internet advertising is safe..............just watch!!! Best wishes and have a great day!! Holly

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Well everyone........we had a nice time in Bangor at the fun match. If nothing else it got us into the ring and our first experience being judged. As most of you know....Matches are for fun and for learning.......even for the judges. Unfortunately there were very few Toy dogs entered and no other yorkies but my two. Key took first in yorkie dogs 3-6 mo, Allie took first in bitches 6-9 mo. Key took first in best of breed, 2nd in Best puppy (an off colored pomeranian took first) and third in overall Toy. An adult cavalier took first and the off colored pom second. I am not disappointed. The judge did not know yorkies and it was obvious to several spectators who are avid show people. It is ok.........we all need the experience.......the dogs and me!!

Both of the pups looked really sweet with their red show bows........we meant to get pictures but somehow the time and opportunity just was forgotten. It was extremely HOT.......and all considered I thought both did super well. We have a few things to work on and Allie and I will be working hard to get it down before the Union fairground show over the Labor day weekend.
We had a few fans that came out to see us........thank you to Julie and Tia........and my friend Bert for coming out to support us. A big thank you to Tracey LeVasseur for going with us for support and help!!!!!! You are the best!!!
I did see one lady with a yorkie baby and nice pretty little female walking around. My husband said they were coming by to talk with me.........she told him they read my you are out and read this.........please send me an email......would love to chat....thanks

Addendum: I just learned to day that the "off colored pom" I refered to is called a parti-pom and they are acceptable to be shown.........I STAND CORRECTED AND THANK YOU!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Yesterday I received an email from one of my prospective parents. She has an acqaintance who told her of some really disturbing news. It seems this gal has a yorkie who has a dalmation neighbor as a play friend. The other day while playing in the yard, like they always have, the dalmation attacked the yorkie, grabbing it by his neck and shook it violently. The poor little guy was still alive when this was reported but in the hospital. His injuries are neurological, as in "shaken baby syndrome."
What precipited the attack? They are not sure. It could have been the heat, a toy, a smell..... who knows. I have heard of this many times.......... It really is unfortunate but it can happen.
This serves as a rude warning to all regarding big dogs and yorkies. Don't forget, Yorkies have personalities of big dogs.......they are fearless, outgoing and will challenge even a very large dog, except they are NOT big. All play with other dogs should be monitored and supervised. Protect your little one like they are your baby.
My mentor out in Michigan has lost 2 dogs over the last 2 years, and almost a 3rd recently from pack fights. She only has yorkies but from time to time, they will fight among themselves. Once a fight starts, many of the others will join in..........and if you are a victim, you might not live without human intervention. The strongest survive. We have experienced that here between certain dogs. Never ever leave your dogs unsupervised. I crate my family every time I leave the house. I do not want any mishaps.
Heed the warning and remember it can happen when you least expect it! Holly

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


On Sunday August 12th TMY will be attending a Show-Fun Match in Bangor on The Bangor Waterfront, Railroad Street. The match starts at 10 am, however, the judging for confirmation puppies is around 12 noon. TMY is entering "Taylor's Captivating JS Denali" - Allie and "Taylor's Million Dollar Kiosck"- Key at the Match.
What is a Match? A Match is usually put on by a dog club or training facility, it can be AKC sanctioned or not, and it provides a venue for want-to be- show enthusiasts, puppies and other people to show their dog/pups in a learning environment. Although for fun, the Match provides socialization, mentoring, education and practice for those that want to do the "real thing". Others go because it is meant to be fun and you can meet people doing similar things as you!!!
Food vendors will be on site. This is an outdoor event.
We would love to see all of you there ........routing us on. Although it is always nice to win.....TMY is certainly going to have fun as well. Woof, woof..................TMY and Holly

Monday, August 06, 2007


We have been anticipating Jazzy to come into season for 3 months now. During bath day yesterday we confirmed that she IS in season. Being small, it is not uncommon for her to not have a season every 6 months like most adult dogs. Now, the next step is a successful breeding. Grady is interested, courting her and snuggling up to her at this point. His typical ritual is just too cute......... Should we have success and also have a safe and healthy litter, these pups would actually be able to go home the weekend before X-mas. What a christmas present for our prospective parents!!!! I will keep you posted!! Holly

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Hi all. I have had a request to write about rat/mice poison and what injestion by a dog or puppy can do. I understand that recently there was a talk about this on the radio. I wish I had heard it, however, I did do some research so I could at least give you some correct information. I am going to write about Decon Mice/Rat poison.

Decon, an animal bate for mice, rats and moles has been on the market for quite a long time. It usually is a yellow, blue or a green pellet type bate. Decon is poisonous to domestic animals in the right dose and quantity. This poison is an anticoagulant. It tastes sweet to your pet.
A poison is any substance in the right dose or quantity that is harmful to the body. Mice get poisoned easily by injesting just a few pellets because of their low body weight. The larger the animal, the more poison it will take to affect the animal.
Decon is made of a substance called Warfarin. Warfarin affects the blood clotting mechanism and causes the animal to bleed to death. Injestion of this substance leads to spontaineous bleeding throughout the body.
If a dog or pup should injest Decon, depending on the amount, no signs of poisoning may show until the dog/pup passes blood in the stool, urine or bleeds from the nose. This actually may not happen for 12-24 hours. Hemmorrhaging may be seen in the gums of the mouth and skin as well. If you believe your dog or pup may have eaten some Decon, treatment is necessary right away. Take your dog/pup immediately to the vets.
This is a medical emergency.!!!
Get your dog to vomit if you can. Once you have reached the veterinary clinic, the doctor may induce more vomiting. They also will inject Vitamin K intramuscularly. In low doses of this type of poisoning the prognosis may be good, but for those animals who have injested large amounts and treatment has been delayed, the animal may not fair so well. Death may be eminent.
If you have a dog/pup dont leave mice or rat poison where they can get into it. Remember, they are inquisitive, their noses are always on the ground and if it is to be found, they will find it.
Thank you Julie for this request.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Hi everyone. Sorry I am not writing as much right now but it has been extremely busy all the way around. I know you all understand. Yesterday I read one and heard of another appauling story regarding Yorkies I thought I would share them with you. The first story was that of a loving family who took their pups shopping. Knowing it was very hot, they left the car running and the air conditioning on. While inside, somehow the car shut off. When they returning over an hour later, their beloved dog was dead from the extreme temperatures inside the car. Please, we have all heard of this many many times..........if you can't leave your baby home, and if you can't leave someone attending the pup in the car, then don't go shopping unless you can take the pup inside the store with you. Most food marts will NOT allow dogs in the store! Remember this.........
The second story came from a wonderful informative website that I myself have utilized many many times. The site is managed and owned by a gentleman named Steve Glass. He lives in Massachusetts and is a Yorkie owner and pup advocate. I welcome all of you to visit his website and read what he has to say. It is I have talked with him personally in the past and appreciate what he is trying to do. I welcome you all to read about breeders in NewEngland and what is happening close to us.....................why am I not on his site as a referral source???? One has to be member of the YTCA ( Yorkshire Terrier Club of America.) You have to to sponsored by 2 current members and they have to have known you for two years.....I am working on it..........!!!! Have a great day. Holly