Saturday, July 20, 2013

What's available??

I have received many calls on what is still available out of my 2 litters.
I have a little boy out of Ivy. ( I believe he may be show quality) different price and terms if to a show home.
A little girl out of Honee.
A tiny little little boy out of Honee. now available again.
I also have Addie. Addie is one year old.
She was sold and had her spayed last week for the new owner only to have her call me and back out on friday from purchasing 2 of my dogs (due to ants distroying her house). Addie is spayed, weighs about 3.75 lbs is gorgeous.She is up to date on everything including her heartworm testing for a year.

What does this include?
2 sets of distempers done.
Life time membership paid for the microchip thru the AKC companion animal recovery program.
AKC registration and transfer.
Puppy pack with food, toys, blanket, quickstart and instructions.
Guaranteed for at least one year.
A healthy happy puppy started on pee pads.
A breeder who cares and who will help you however I can.

My commitment as a breeder comes from the heart. I love all of my babies and dogs. I want the very best homes that I can find and will pass up a sale to make sure that happens. Call me if you are interested. 207 282-5561.

I also still have several adults for placement. Jaiden 10 lbs, Honee when done with babies, Angel this fall after she delivers and done with babies, Cookie 8 lbs. The girls will be spayed before they go and I will pay $150 towards the vet bill. My spays with blood work usually is around 250. They are all up to date on shots.
I have 2 boys for surrogate homes in the Biddeford Maine area. Frankie  6 lbs and CH. Aiden 3.5lbs.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


 Tiny boy and med boy-ears not shaved yet
 Med. boy
 The girls, tiny and large
 Tiny girl
Larger girl


 Honee and babies
 smallest girl
 tiny boy
 Larger boy
The girls bigger and smaller

Saturday, July 06, 2013


 I have multiple adult dogs that I am placing. If you are interested please contact me.

DOB 5/16/06 7 years old- Honee -nice quiet mom. Has pups on her so wont be ready for at least 12 weeks. Spay included.
DOB 2/19/13 4 year old Jaiden. Larger dog around 11 lbs. Good with children. Sweet. Spay included.
DOB 11/5/2008 4.5 yr old Cookie weighs about 8 lbs. Sweet dog. Climber. Spay included.
DOB: 7/27/11  2yr old Fannie Mae.  Nice dog but needs one on one training. Smart and loving. Spay not included but will have it done at my cost.
DOB: 9/14/07 Turning 6 yrs old Angel. Wonderful dog. Is bred and will be available after her puppies come and are weaned. Spay included.

2 boys to place in and about the Arundel area or Portland area. Free but the agreement is that I can use them for breeding. It may mean you bring them to me for a few days when I need them. Aiden 3.5 lbs Champion-3 yrs old, and Frankie (2 yrs old) about 6 lbs. They both love everyone. Frankie is a bit shy.
I also am considering to surrogate out a couple of females to the area for a couple more breedings. The dogs will be yours at the end. $500 cost and you will have to pay for the spay.