Saturday, December 29, 2007


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! With 2008 just a couple days away, I thought it would be a great time to reflect on 2007. 2007 was a great year here at TMY. If any of you have read my Blog along the way, some significant events happened and some great learning experiences.
January-Jazzy gave birth to 5 puppies. We lost our first little boy at birth from her which was devastating. Weighing in at 1 5/8oz he was just too little to survive. One of her girls only weighed 2 oz and had splayed legs. I did physical therapy on her for weeks, supplemented her every 2 hours and nursed her into health. Today she is a healthy little girl that we gave to my mom and dad. (Anya)
February-after lots of sleepless nights everyone is doing wonderful.
March- Abbie had 5 pups, 4 boys and 1 girl. Key, the tiny boy almost drown in the waterbowl when mom jumped out of the whelping box and he was nursing on her, throwing him thru the air and him landing in 5 inches of water. Clinging for his life, my husband found him as he was near death from hypothermia and drowning. We learned our lesson on keeping the water bowl close to the whelping box.
April-we attended a Meet the Breeds with Ruby. Ruby was a big hit and we met so many nice people. Later that month she delivered 3 beautiful pups.
May- YCKC annual AKC show. Learning allot and making preparations to show my first yorkie late in the summer.
June-Delia goes into labor but does not have her puppies. She has a detaching placenta and we have to have our frst C-section but all the pups survive. 3 boys and a girl.
July-TMY has their first annual Yorkie family reunion. Such a great time and so good to see all the pups.
August- I attend my first specialty show (to watch) in PA. I learned so much. We make our debut at the Union ME AKC show with Denali. Nervous but exciting. Ali took a first in her class and she was such a good girl.
September- Key turns 6 months and we are off to several shows over the next months. Ma, CT, and PA.
October- 2 litters born. Jazzy ends up with 2 born natural and a C section for the other 2. One little girl does not make it. Very sad again here at TMY but thankful Jazzy is ok. Libby has a litter of 4 healthy pups.
November-Delia is placed in a surrogate home due to the fighting. A hard decision but she is doing well and is happy being the only dog. Abbie delivers a beautiful litter of 5 by herself during the night after thanksgiving.
December-lots of happy folks picking up their puppies to go home. Ruby delivers 3 boys and 2 girls. All beautiful and doing well. Lucy turns 6 mo old. (delia's daughter). She will be debuting in January 2008 in MA along with Key who is 9 mo old now.

Babies, showing, difficult decisions, happiness and saddness...........such a mix for 2007. We at TMY is thankful for all that has happened, all the wonderful moms and dads who found us and moreover, thankful for the opportunity to share who we are and what we do. We continue to strive to better our breeding program, promote our dogs and lines by showing, and to continue to make people happy by sharing with you. Our hope through the blog is to provide educational material and learning experiences to maybe curb someone else from making a mistake maybe as we have. We love our yorkies and want them to be the very best they can be and TMY will not compromise their care.
Thank you to all of our past and new moms and dads. We are so blessed and appreciative to have you in our lives!! A big thank you to Dr Hutchins at SMVC for everything he does for us as well. Happy New Year. Holly

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Here are Ruby's 3 sons. The center pup is going to stay very tiny and is still available. These pups are just 3 weeks old.
Here are Ruby's 2 girls. The girl on the left will be staying with TMY and the little girl on the right is still available. She is going to stay tiny as well.


Lib's female puppy went to this happy family, the D'Alfonso's. She will be living in Wakefield Ma. Her name is Marla. Congrats and enjoy! Holly


This is such a nice story. Roland contacted me months ago and wanted to buy his wife the perfect gift for x-mas........something she has wanted for a very long time........a yorkie puppy. Roland and I worked behind the scenes to make this happen and on X-mas eve, he came to pick up this little angel for his wife. "Angel" is the daughter of Jazzy and Grady. Maureen told me yesterday that when he brought her in she could not stop crying as she was sooooooooooo happy. Ironically, this puppy was named Angel. She told me the story of how her maiden name is the same as ours and about her sister Laura who passed a few years ago, we live on Laura Ln, and how her sisters son told her that this puppy was an angel sent to fitting to name this pup "Angel". I am so very happy for this family and I could not have found a better home for her. Congrats to them. Holly

Tuesday, December 25, 2007



Saturday, December 22, 2007


The Scruton's and Howie. The Wilson's and Teddi.

Judi and Sassie. The Wentworth's and Precious.

What a happy day for these folks. They have all been waiting so patiently for these puppies and finally the day came when they could take their little bundle of joy home. Best wishes to you all! Holly

Thursday, December 20, 2007


On the 1st day of x-mas my yorkie gave to me: The 1st sleepless night that I've seen...........

On the 2nd day of x-mas my yorkie gave to me: Two calls to the breeder and the 1st sleepless night that I've seen..........

On the 3rd day of x-mas my yorkie gave to me: 3 hours of crying, 2 calls to the breeder and the 1st sleepless night that I've seen........

On the 4th day of x-mas my yorkie gave to me: 4 piles of poo poo, 3 hours of crying, 2 calls to the breeder and the 1st sleepless night that I've seen.........

On the 5th day of x-mas my yorkie gave to me: 5 trips to PetSmart, 4 piles of poo poo, 3 hours of crying, 2 calls to the breeder and the 1st sleepless night that I've seen.........

On the 6th day of x-mas my yorkie gave to me: 6 chewed corners, 5 trips to PetSmart, 4 piles of poo poo, 3 hours of crying, 2 calls to the breeder and the 1st sleepless night that I've seen.....

On the 7th day of x-mas my yorkie gave to me: 7 pee pee puddles, 6 chewed corners, 5 trips to PetSmart, 4 piles of poo poo, 3 hours of crying, 2 calls to the breeder and the 1st sleepless night that I've seen..........

On the 8th day of x-mas my yorkie gave to me: 8 toys strewed about, 7 pee pee puddles, 6 chewed corners, 5 trips to PetSmart, 4 piles of poo poo, 3 hours of crying, 2 calls to the breeder and the 1st sleepless night that I've seen..........

On the 9th day of x-mas my yorkie gave to me: 9 pairs of wet stockings, 8 toys strewed about, 7 pee pee puddles, 6 chewed corners, 5 trips to PetSmart, 4 piles of poo poo, 3 hours of crying, 2 calls to the breeder and the 1st sleepless night that I've seen........

On the 10th day of x-mas my yorkie gave to me: 10 minutes of rest, 9 pairs of wet stockings, 8 toys strewed about, 7 pee pee puddles, 6 chewed corners, 5 trips to PetSmart, 4 piles of poo poo, 3 hours of crying, 2 calls to the breeder and the 1st sleepless night that I've seen.........

On the eleventh day of x-mas my yorkie gave to me: 11 people visiting.....awwwwww, 10 minutes of rest, 9 pairs of wet stockings, 8 toys strewed about, 7 pee pee puddles, 6 chewed corners, 5 trips to PetSmart, 4 piles of poo poo, 3 hours of crying, 2 calls to the breeder and my first sleepless night that I've seen...........

On the 12th day of x-mas my yorkie gave to me: 12 puppy kisses, 11 people visiting, 10 minute of rest, 9 pairs of wet stockings, 8 toys strewed about, 7 pee pee puddles, 6 chewed corners, 5 trips to PetSmart, 4 piles of poo poo, 3 hours of crying, 2 calls to the breeder and my first sleepless night that I've seen................ I wish I listened to all the instructions about crate training and the puppy play pen....................... Happy Holidays Everyone!!! Holly

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Wow....... I was just noticing that we have had over 20 thousand hits on our website. I have to thank all of you who come on here to read what is happening here at TMY. It is just amazing to me that I have that many people coming on here to view the pups and to read my little blurps!!
Thank you , thank you!!!
Right now we are very busy. Two litters of pups will be going home between now and x-mas. Paperwork, puppy packs and instructions are a priority. All of the pups are doing extremely well and I have to say they are all little monsters at this point!!!!!!!!! So cute to watch but boy can they all do allot of poops!!!LOL
Rubys pups are just opening their eyes, Abbie's pups are just discovering the world around them and the rest are ready to go to their forever homes.
Lucy is in training for her first show in January 2008 in Fitchburg Ma. All the adults are doing well. Grady and Kelsi have had the luxury of sleeping on the King sized bed (we had to buy bigger as the bed was getting way too crowded)..........LOL and I know Jazzy is looking forward to joining them soon.
Wishing you all the very best of Holiday safe and remember to stop and take in the beauty of winter in Maine! Holly

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Ruby's pups will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. A couple of them are opening their eyes.


These little girls and one boy are now 3 1/2 weeks old.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


During this busy hustle bustle season, we may not focus on Christmas time safety for your pups. It is a time of year when accidents can and will happen. Here is a list of things that we all need to remember and be aware of during this festive time.
1. Decorated x-mas tree-tinsel, glass bulbs and ornaments can be a potential hazard to your pup. Be sure they are not eating the tinsel and that glass bulbs are not on the lower tier of your tree where they may fall and break. The pups will eat them.
2. Extension cords and light cords on the tree. Puppies will chew the cords on the lights or running off your tree. Be aware as this could be fatal for them.
3. Chocolate- with all the holiday candies around, remember that dogs love chocolate but a moderate dose could be deadly. The same with macadamia nuts and raisins.
4. New pup-too much activity. With all toy dogs too much activity when they are small puppies can stress them out and cause a quick drop in their blood sugar. Be sure to allow plenty of rest time away from the crowds and activity. Watch to be sure the pup is eating properly and if you question it, give them a squirt of quick start or Nutracal.
5. House full of adults and children. Letting your puppy "run around" with a house full of relatives and friends can be a real hazard. Your guests will not be atuned to watching where they walk or "rocking" in the chair. More pups get stepped on or squished under the rockers of chair that you realize. Contain your pup in a playpen or x-pen where you can keep an eye on them.
6. Falls-a well meaning guest picks up your puppy or a child picks up your puppy to hug it and hold it. Next thing you know they squirm and get excited to get down and they fall out of their arms. Be sure to advise adult guests that they may squirm and to hold on tight. If a child wants to hold the pup, have them sit on the floor and hold the puppy.......that way they can participate in the new bundle of joy as well.
7. Puppy gifts- be sure to inspect all toys that are given to your pup for presents. Stuffed toys with plastic eyes, outside squeekeer toys (the ones that have plugs on the outside) cat toys with tinsel are all not appropriate. Rawhide bones and chews are not recommended. The rawhide cannot be digested. Nyla bones are a better choice or pigs hoofs that have been irradated are safe.
Keep these things in mind and have a safe and healthful holiday season. Holly

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Hi there!! My name is Precious and Libby is my mom and Grady my dad. In just a couple of weeks I am going home to live with my new mom and dad in Farmington New Hampshire. I love to play and jump on my toys. I have so much fun. I also like to be held and I give kisses too. Did you know that Santa is coming soon? Puppy kisses....Precious & Holly


Good evening everyone. My name is Armani, pronounced "Amani". My mom is Jazzy and my dad is Grady. Howie down below me is my brother. I am staying at TMY and hopefully will grow big enough to go to the shows. I am a hot little pistol and my human mom Holly tells me that all the time.......What's a hot pistol????


Hi, my name is Howie. My mom is Jazzy and my dad Grady. I am 8 weeks old now and I will be going to live with my new mom and dad in Ashby, MA in just a couple of weeks. I am a cutie and I love to give kisses............Howie and Holly


Pig pile of pups!

Monday, December 10, 2007


They are doing well.......nice puppies. Hand feeding the tiny male to give him a boost.......big sisters and brothers seem to push him out of the chow line. enjoy Holly

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Ruby delivered yesterday morning right after I left to go to work at 6 am. Scott came downstairs to find a couple of pups already there ........on the couch!!! He assisted with the others and all went fine. Ruby had 3 boys and 2 girls. The boys weighed 5 7/8, 4 7/8, and 4 oz. The girls weighed in at 4 1/2 and 3 1/4oz. All are doing well and we will keep you posted on their progress. Holly

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


What better way to spend a cold snowy day................just snuggled in with mom! Abbie and one of her babes. How sweet is that? Holly


This is Teddi, Lib's only son. We have been working on getting those ears up for a couple of weeks now......but it is no wonder why they are not coming up........his sisters wont leave the tapes on!!! Just too cute... Teddi is going to live in Gray with his new mom and dad. He is going to have just the best home ever!

Monday, December 03, 2007


Scott asked me to bring in the camera when he saw two of the pups snuggled in under the fleece. Howie is the only one you can see with his little nose peeking out. Of course once I started snapping pictures he opened his eyes.........These pups are just too cute!! If any of you remember Denali, Taylor's JS Armani Design below makes me think of her. Denali was my first show baby. She was placed in a home in CT after we relized that her coat would not be a true silk. Armani will be staying at TMY These pups are now 7 weeks old Enjoy. HOlly

Friday, November 30, 2007


My computer was easily fixed. Lucky me this time. I am back on now.......see the xray


Well I had a change in schedule so had to take Ruby today for her xray. We are expecting 5 puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never expected that. I have a picture to post as soon as I get my computer fixed. We will keep you posted on the delivery!

My computer is going to the Don't forget, I will not have the computer from 4 pm to Monday. thanks Holly

Thursday, November 29, 2007


To all my readers. I am so sorry for not writing an update on here. I have been so very busy between the dogs, classes and work I have not been on here. My computer is also acting up, guess I need to take it to the doctors as well. It wont download any pictures or anything right now. So sorry no new pics for awhile.
I do want to tell you first that the newborn girl pup that was having a hard time after she was born is doing fantastic. She starting nursing on her own Friday night and has gained plenty of weight. You would never know it was touch and go for her. She is just adorable and has pinky cheeks. She will be a light tan for sure. All the pups are growing and are really sweet. This is a really nice litter and two of them look like they are going to be tiny. They all remind me of Key when he was a baby.
Everyone else is doing well. I take Ruby on Monday for her pre-delivery xray so I will be sure to let you know how many pups we are expecting from her. She is due next Thursday!! Boy are we going to have a house full then........LOL
Libbys pups are doing great......we are still working on ears and so far they just think the tapes are playtoys......little monsters. Jazzys pups are become love bugs. Now they attack and lick and kiss you all over with every interaction.......too cute for sure.

Do we have any pups still available? Yes we do .........give me a call or send an email to chat. Take care Holly

Sunday, November 25, 2007


All of Abbie's pups are doing well......even the one I was worried about. I am just going to keep doing what I am doing and hope for the best. They are beginning to get fat little bellies and are very active this morning. Thanks for all the best wishes and always helps. Holly

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I just verified all the weights on the pups. They are as follows:

Boy 3 1/2 oz today 3 7/8 oz Girl #1 4 5/8oz today 5 oz

Girl #2 4 5/8 oz today 5 3/8 oz
Girl #3 4 oz today 4 1/4 oz (pink)

Tiny girl # 4 3 7/8 oz today 4 oz. (yellow)

Abbie is being a very good mom........keep the thoughts positive!!! Holly


Here are a couple of pics of Miss Emma Mae. Emma lives in Dexter with my friend Judy and is co-owned by TMY. Emma is a future breeder and pick of the litter out of Liberty and Grady in their November 2006 litter. The first picture is showing Emma in a "little" bed that I bought her for x-mas last year. She obviously still loves the bed and as Judy put it......she looks like a hotdog in a bun......LOL. The next pic is showing her beautiful shiny silk coat. She is ultimately turning into a very pretty adult girl. We just love her..........Holly


They were having a great time yesterday in the cute!


Well the little girl is still with us today. She still is not doing as well as I would like. A newborn that cries constantly indicates either hunger, cold or something is not right. The little girl does allot of crying. I am doing everything that I can from having her on a hot water bottle to supplement feeding. She does seem content when I do that. I am still monitoring her closely. All the other pups seem to be doing ok and Mom is doing well. Will keep you all posted for sure. Holly

Friday, November 23, 2007


Another surprise here at TMY. I got up at 4 am this morning to get ready to leave for the show in Springfield Ma and here was Abbie with all 5 puppies. She free whelped perfectly!! Abbie delivered 4 girls and 1 boy. Just the opposite of last litter. All that praying for girls must have paid off.........LOL. I am concerned about one of the girls that was cold and not nursing. I have warmed her up and have given her some supplement. I will watch her closely and possibly take her up to see doc at 8 am. I will keep all of you posted. Without too much detail right now, they weigh in the 3-4 oz range. Holly

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Well everyone! We had a big surprise for sure. I was expecting 3-4 pups from Abbie and we have 5 in there!!!!!!!! Lets hope for a nice selection of girls, but if they are all boys we will take them anyways.......LOL. I just want them all to be healthy and to have mom, Abbie to have an easy delivery and a good post partum. We will keep you posted on her progression and we are still looking at Sunday for the big delivery!! Don't forget that you can click on the photo to make it larger so you can see them.........enjoy........HOlly


Knowing that tomorrow is going to be a very busy day for all, TMY would like to take a moment to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to everyone out there reading this blog.

We at TMY have so very much to be thankful for and hope that all of you take a brief moment at some point in the next day or so to count your blessings. So often in our busy lives we forget to stop and smell the roses so to speak. I look around me and say 'how lucky am I? " "Wow, our hard work and dedication is really paying off!" etc........ but the truth is we are truly blessed.

We are truly blessed to have wonderful family, children, grandchildren and friends. Truly blessed to have an awesome career in Nursing and a wonderful job that allows me to be home 6 days a week. Truly blessed to have health. Truly blessed to have such a wonderful family of Yorkies who we love very much. Truly blessed to have beautiful yorkie babies to share with you and truly blessed to have so many WONDERFUL people that have come into our lives because of the Yorkies.

In this age of soaring gas and oil prices, continued war in Iraq, natural disasters around the country with thousands of casualties and now homeless and starving people, disease, international espionage and more, we are so fortunate to have been born in the US where people do care, love and have resources that we can tap into when needed. We are all truly blessed in our lives and may you all have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends. I am always here for you for questions, concerns and friendship. Thank you very much for reading my Blog, being out there giving us support and for finding me and the yorkies. Have a wonderful turkey day and don't eat too much!! HOlly

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Jazzy's pups waking up!!


Hope you all don't get sick of puppy pictures........ Here are Lib's pups peeking over the end of the whelping box.......enjoy