Friday, February 29, 2008


When we decided to raise yorkies we also had to decide on a name. My husband "has the nack" and can think of great names for businesses. When we selected "Taylor Made Yorkies" a few things played into our decision.
1. The first thing was that my first grandchild was named Taylor. Since we had so much love for her and she brought us such wonderful joy, we thought it fitting to name our kennel after her.
2. The second thing that came to mind was that a "tailor" never mass produces anything. A tailor refines his intricate work and piece by piece creates a masterpiece. One by one, step by step hard work, dedication, creating something that everybody wants. A tailor hand picks each and every piece of fabric or leather he might be working with.........and with love, expertise and knowledge creates something beautiful. That is how we feel about our yorkies. Each and every one is hand picked, loved and nurtured .............. a beautiful masterpiece created to share.

Hence the name we chose. Now, on occasion I use TMY instead of typing out Taylor Made Yorkies..........but it is who we are and we are proud of how we selected our name. We will not be changing it. HOlly


I think now is a good time to talk about what sets TMY apart from most breeders and especially puppy mills? It is hard to find a reputable breeder and one who will be there for you after you take your puppy home. I hope you find the following information valuable, and even though you might make the decision to buy your furbaby from someone else, be sure to ask them if they do the following things:
1. Our yorkies live in our house, are part of our family and are treated as such. In fact just recently we purchased a king sized bed as the bed was getting too We do have kennel cages that are used for naps, nighttime with some of our younger pups and for segregation and safety if needed. They need to be kennel trained and know that it is a safe place. It also helps with potty training.......
2. We only have yorkies, no other breed. We have had them for 11 years, but started our program about 5 years ago.
3. All of our dogs get exquisite veterinary care. They go as needed, are immunized properly and have what they need. Our vet is So. Maine Vet Care. Feel free at any time to call and speak directly to Dr Hutchins if you would like. 207 499-7244.
4. We do not breed our girls every season. We evaluate their health, weight and look at the size litter they had at the last breeding and determine whether or not we should breed them, what they call "back to back". We call their rest time when they are not going to bred "on sabbitical".
5. We provide a written health guarantee for a full year, however, we want to know if anything comes up for health issues as we feel strongly want to support you and will help you with whatever we can. We have never had any congential or heredity issues such as livershunt. Hopefully we never will, but if it did rear it's ugly head, we would certainly evaluate the situation and help you either by refunding your money or taking the pup back. Each situation would be treated appropriately.
6. Every pup that leaves TMY is sold on a spay/neuter agreement. We never want our pups to end up in a puppy mill or be abused. Would we ever sell with full rights? Yes to a reputable show home with contingencies.
7. Our pups are not sent home with new parents until they are totally weaned and well socialized. In fact, there have been pups we have kept until 16 weeks to ensure their ability to tolerate change.
8. We screen and decide if YOU are a candidate to purchase one of our pups. We want to be sure that you will be a great home and that our pups will have the best. We just don't sell to anyone....
9. We show our best in AKC confirmation shows to promote our dogs and to gain experience in the breed. I also belong to the York County Kennel Club and am very active in it.
10. We are here for you 24/7 with issues, problems or otherwise regarding your puppy. Just call or email me.
11. We assist others with finding good information on issues as well. I have also assisted other folks to find reputatable breeders in their area.
12. Every preganancy we do an x-ray after 54 days, not to find out how many pups we can sell, but to look at size, positioning and to know how many in case birth issues arise or a long delivery happens. If my girl needs a C -Section we are on top of it and SMVC remains on call in case.
13. We have a Yorkie family reunion every year when we invite everyone who has one of my pups or dogs to come home and have a day of fun.
14. We believe in and follow the AKC standard. In fact, in any breeding program a reputable breeder will evaluate what they are doing, the outcomes etc and make necessary changes. Hence the reason to "travel" and purchase new dogs to add to their show and breeding program and work to improve what they are doing and the pups they are producing. A puppy mill is not going to spend hard earned money to go out of State to evaluate a dog before bringing it home or buying it..........
15. I network with other Yorkie breeders and show people to learn and to provide support. I have had a mentor for 5 years now and she has been breeding yorkies for over 40 years.
16. All dogs and pups are put on NuVet vitamins and stay on them their whole life. We also provide great nutrition for them, feeding Royal Canin 30, 33 and adult Yorkshire Terrier and Purina One.
17. We have a huge fenced in area of lawn for our dogs and pups to play and exercise.
18. We do not provide stud service for outside breedings at this time.
19. We want you to come and visit us, to meet the dogs, meet us and for us to meet you. Just give us a call........
20. WE LOVE OUR DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could go on and on but I think all of you get the idea on why TMY has a great reputation and is being so successful. Did I tell you..........WE LOVE OUR DOGS!!!! Give us a call and come to see us. You will fall in love too. Holly

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This is my little sunshine "Daizie" daughter of Grady and Abbie. She is very outgoing and full of pee and vinegar.........

Miss Sierra listening to her mom telling her to pose pretty.........
Fallon, daughter of Ruby and Grady is in the front, with Daizie in the cute!!!


I just heard from Monica and Dursey graduated from Advanced Basics on Monday night and also won the Lil' Competition on Stays!!!!!!!!! Congratualations Dursey and Monica!!!!


Do you remember Dursey? Dursey is the son of Grady and Delia from her 2007 June litter and he went to live with Monica and Gia down in New Hampshire. I just receieved a wonderful update from them. Gia is a sheltie who is a registered Pet Partner and a READ certified therapy dog. They both take such good care of him. Dursey goes to school and has graduated from puppy kindergarten and is almost done Advanced basics and will soon be starting puppy agility classes. ( He loves this part)
I am told he just loves school!!!! At this time, Gia is helping him get ready for the CGC exam. He can heel, sit, stand and down. His stays are up to one minute. I am told he loves everyone and has the "Gift of Happiness".
What a nice letter I received and I am so happy that he is doing so well. We will keep you posted as he becomes certified and advances in his training......... Holly

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Dear Holly,

I wanted to write you a note to let you know how thrilled we are with our puppy Ozzy. Having six years experience in the veterinary field as a vet tech I know the importance of responsible breeding and socialization. I had witnessed the fallout from puppy mills and pet store pups first hand and it was heartbreaking. When we started our search for a puppy well over a year ago we knew that we were going to be tough customers when it came to picking our breeder. When we first met you last year at the Breeder Forum in Saco I remember that you made everyone who touched your puppies sanitize their hands first. I thought that was amazing! No one else there had asked for that and it showed such a high level of detail to the health and welfare of those pups. All the puppies and Ruby were so friendly and had such wonderful dispositions I thought..”Ok here is some one who cares about her dogs.”

When the time was right we filled out your questionnaire and were so happy we were approved to get one of your puppies. When we made our visit to your home we fell in love with all of your dogs and was amazed at how clean and organized your home was. It was really great to be able to see Ozzy’s Mom Ruby and meet his Dad Grady.

Ozzy has been such a joy to us. I get stopped by people who comment on how beautiful, outgoing and happy he is. We seem to have avoided so many of the puppy problems because you took the time to work with each of those pups before they went to their new homes. He stands quietly for his bath, nails, brushing and clipping. He sleeps through the night in his crate and we are well on the way at 12 weeks to being fully housebroken. He has already learned to sit and we’re working on the come command.

Everyday we wake up to that happy little wagging Yorkie tail and think how lucky we are. In a day when so many people breed dogs just to make money it is so wonderful to see some one who does it for the love of the breed and the desire to produce quality puppies. I would recommend to anyone who was looking for a puppy to contact you. We are already looking to add to our Yorkie family in the future and will definitely be requesting one of your puppies! If anyone is interested in one of your puppies and would like to contact me for a reference please feel free to give them my email address:


Lori & Paul Rouleau (and Ozzy!)

Thank you so much Lori and Paul. Yes, this is a time when even responsible breeders are being scrutinized and "accused". Your thoughtful comments and testimonial just make it all better! We are so happy you are part of our family now, for the welfare and perfect homes for my puppies is top on my list......and little Ozzie has one of the best!!! Holly


We recently have had server problems with the website. If you can't bring up the home page, type in Taylor Made Yorkies on google and click on the blog title and you will be able to get in. I will be checking on it later today to see if it has been resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience. Holly


“Holly is one of the nicest, warmest, Yorkie-loving people that I have ever met. Her home is full of gorgeous, well-groomed, and obviously, well loved Yorkies. Our new puppy is an absolute DOLL! Today was his first vet visit and the doctor was very impressed with the paperwork received from Holly and the care he had been given. He commented that he was a perfect specimen; a happy, healthy, well socialized little guy. When (not if) we are ready for our next Yorkie baby, we’ll surely call Taylor Made Yorkies”.

Thank you to the Sullivan family for finding us and for the nice quote about out Yorkie family. We look forward to seeing them again at the Yorkie family reunion this summer! Holly

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Recently Maine has raided and rescued hundreds of dogs from 3 puppy mills that were in deplorable conditions. My understanding is that these animals were in horrible condition, many were sick and uncared for. Thin, starving, parasite infested and some near death.........For the life of me, I cannot imagine how anyone could ever do this to any type of animal. Those people responsible deserve nothing less than Jail and fines and they must lose their right to ever own an animal again......... I would like to see the State seize their property to pay back the thousands of dollars it took to care for these animals after they were rescued.

New legislation is in the works here in Maine. My own Club (YCKC) is helping the State with those new regulations. The Federation here in Maine is also highly involved. I believe that new regulations are needed along with input from those of us who care. It must be carefully constructed so that it does not impose impossible aspects for breeders who are reputable and truly care about their dogs.

I have asked myself, what consitutes a "puppy mill"? The State does not have a definitive answer........ Wikipedia on the web has a wonderful write up on the subject. Below are some excerpts from it:
"Puppy mills (also known as puppy farms outside of the United States) are large-scale dog breeding facilities that operate under substandard breeding conditions that provoke the development of chronic health problems, temperamnet issues, and hereditary defects. They are overcrowded and kept in unsanitary conditions. They usually do not receive adequate food, water or veterinary care. Females are often forced to breed every time in heat to increase profits. Mill dogs are weaned from their mothers well before 8-10 weeks of age. While puppies may come with pedigrees, the pedigree itself is neither an indication of quality nor authenticity. The pups are poorly socialized and often have disease are sick and have hereditary defects. They often will also have temperment problems. The vast majority of puppy mill dogs are sold to pet stores by "dealers"." However this is not always the case, nor do some mills even breed more that one type of dog.........

I think all of this is valuable information. I think all of us need to realize that Puppy mills do exist and that we need to think about who we sell our dogs to and who we are buying dogs from. I think that we all should realize exactly why one should never buy from a it just supports these puppy mills. Find a reputable breeder..........

More to come in: Part 2 Holly

Thursday, February 14, 2008



Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Do you remember Dani Lynn?
Do you remember Brie? Dani Lynn's sister?
Here is Lulu.........she just went home with Norma a few weeks ago.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Little Layla (not sure if i spelled it right) went home today with her new mom and dad. She is not going to be far from me so hopefully I will be able to see her every now and again. We just have the BEST families coming into our lives.......thank you so much!!! Holly


Just when you least expect it, the amazing happens again. This wonderful family found me through chatting on a yorkie chat site. I was told TMY was spoke highly about and this is why they called me. Our last little boy, now named Riley is in his new home and already has a new friend Crosby the black lab.
Thank you so much to all of you who have faith in us as a Yorkie breeder and as a Yorkie lover. I have said it over and over........sharing these little guys with the right families gives me so much happiness and makes it all worth it...........Holly


Socialization is a major part of raising your pup. If we think about it, there is more to it then just playing with your furbaby. Socialization and exposures can make the difference between your puppy being scared with every new exposure or even being able to take him/her with you in the car. While your pup is little, introduce him to other people. Let them talk to him, hold him and play with him. After his 3rd set of shots, puppy kindergarten is a great place to go to expose him to other dogs and puppies. In the meantime, take him in the car with you, and carry him around in pet friendly stores such as the pet stores. Allow people to see him, touch him but i would recommend not putting him on the floors until he is immunized fully. When the weather gets better and again he is protected, the mall is a great place to go. Walking outside in the parking lot on a leash where there is sounds and other vehicles, the airport, dog shows etc. If you walk your pup on the sidewalk in your neighborhood, be careful with approaching big dogs. Often a big dog will not tolerate a smaller dog and dont forget, your yorkie is bred to be fearless and you don't want something to happen bite could be devastating. Expose him to new sounds, lawnmowers, snowblowers, clanging pans, construction sounds. The more you do and the more exposures they get, the better they will travel and be socialized. Talk to friends about having a get together with their puppies or dogs in a common place. Be sure all dogs are on a lead to start with and let them sniff and become acquainted. Good luck and if any of you have other ideas let me know. HOlly


Two happy families taking their little guys home. Both are going locally so we are hopeful to see them often and to hear how they are progressing. Best wishes from TMY!!!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008


We had fun in Alabama taking dress up pictures with Staceys dogs. sorry the one is side to but I couldn't get it to turn after it downloaded on here. Holly

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I just got this recipe and the dogs absolutely love it. Great for mom's when they have just whelped and at shows when the dogs don't eat well. Here is the recipe 1/2 batch. Makes a large pan.

21 eggs 1.5 lb ground beef (can use half ground turkey) 2 Tablespoons salt 1/4 cup dark molasses 4 oz tomato juice 3/4 lb cottage cheese 1/2 cup wheat germ 1/2 cup yellow corn meal 1 cup powdered milk 1.5 cups old fashioned oatmeal
opt. small can of canned salmon 1 tablespoon minced garlic

bake at 325 for 1 hour-90 min in a large pan. Spray pan with cooking oil before putting in mixture.

Freezes and keeps well.



Hi, ya'all........three days down in sunny Alabama and I can draaaaawwwwwllllll with the best of them!!! In all seriousness, I had the most wonderful trip. Everyone was so nice and my hostess Leslie was super.......I was in yorkie heaven when I was there. We groomed and shared ideas, ate King Cake (oh how luscious!!) and more. Sierra faired the plane ride fine. We both were exhausted and as you can see in the first picture...she is snuggled up with some of the family sleeping back here in Maine. She is a real sweetie and we love her. She doesn't quite know what to make of the snow yet...... but she will get used to it. I will put on some good pics of her as soon as we have time. The other pics are some of Leslies dogs.