Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Abbie's pups are 10 days old today and really putting on the ounces. They seem healthy and content which is really good. The boys weigh 9.5oz, 9oz, 8 3/8oz and 6 oz now. The little girl now weighs 8 3/4oz. Abbie is being a wonderful mom. We are looking forward to open eyes soon! Holly

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I really wanted to tell all of you how the Meet the Breeds went. It was my first time taking any of the girls out in public to that kind of event. Unfortunately, I remembered everything except the camera but I took a picture of the center poster that I did for our table.
The event drew a good crowd of people and it was lots of fun. I was slightly surprized about the misbehaving dogs that were there though. There was a group of 3 dashhounds that never stopped barking at people all day, 2 huge black sheppards that tried to attack every dog within site and a few others that scrapped and barked on the attack at different times. I have to say that the girls were perfect angels and did nothing wrong all day. Ali and Anya, the two pups I brought were a HUGE hit with everyone there. Of course they looked like little dolls and basically slept most of the afternoon. Ruby with just 3 weeks to go in her pregnancy just soaked up the attention and she looked absolutely beautiful with her red and rhinestone show bow in her hair. She sat/layed atop the grooming table, slept for awhile but never swayed from allowing visitors to pet her and make of her all day.
Demonstrations were given on obedience and agility. Then they had the exhibition of breeds and guess what...........I had to go in the show ring with Ruby. I was soooooooo nervous but she was perfect, prancing along on the lead and stood beautifully as asked. I was so pleased when people cheering and clapped their hands for her, I almost cried. It was a great day and a great experience for all of us. We were able to educate lots of people regarding yorkie care, temperment and on confirmation. All the way around, Scott and I were extremely pleased with the day. Holly

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Don't forget to come out and say hello at the Meet the Breeds tomorrow. It is a great chance to see some 25 or more breeds of dogs. I will be there with a couple of pups. It is being held at the Saco Community Center, 75 Franklin Street, Saco, Maine from 1-4pm. Please leave your pet dogs at home. Hope to see you there. Holly

Friday, March 23, 2007


Well I have to say that Ruby was the BEST girl today. She had to lay belly side up in a padded tray and she never moved a muscle the whole time. Unfortunately with this ultrasound, we could not confirm the number of pups. Dr Hutchins believes that there may be 3, but maybe more.....
In the picture on the right you can see 2 roundish areas, one on each side at the top. This is a picture of 2 pups. On the left you can clearly see the head on this pup and you can even make out the eye, ears and nose!!! We also could see the little hearts beating.........How cool is that??This was truly an exciting morning for us and Ruby took it all in stride. We will still have an x-ray on April 6th to be sure!! Holly


We are doing something special today and it's a FIRST for Taylor Made Yorkies....... I am taking Ruby up to see Dr Hutchins and we are going to have our first ULTRASOUND done ever. Part of the reason is that Doc would like us to have the results posted on our website for people to see. I have received rave reviews related to posting the x-rays on our site and we thought it would interesting to have an ultrasound on as well. The other reason is that Ruby is due April 11th and is not showing this way we will know how many and what their sizes are already. We will not have to have the x-ray next week. I will try to get it posted later today!!


I looked into the whelping box yesterday afternoon and here are 3 of Abbies pups basking in the sunshine. The one to the far left was really soaking it up! How cute is that!!
We still have a male pup available out of this litter. If interested please let us know. Enjoy.........Holly

Thursday, March 22, 2007


A couple of weeks ago I posted that I had some exciting news. Not only did it generate lots of interest, but lots of guesses and it was FUN to see all the thoughts and creativity people had. Well unfortunately, the wind from my sails was knocked down and the exciting news has gone sour........ I guess that happens sometimes.
You see, I had purchased a new puppy, a show quality male from a woman that I met last year, however, due to contractual problems, the sale fell through. Many show breeders sign strict contracts even on outside breedings and if not careful, it limits what they can do. Although she was going to co-own him with me and help me show him, the Sire's owner refused to sign off on the papers and wants to buy the pup back.
Of course I am truly disappointed but a great lesson learned. I am confident it is just a matter of time before I DO find a new addition to our family, as the future will come soon and TMY will need a new male to breed with our up and coming young moms...........thanks for all your excitement and support. I appreciate it. Holly

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Abbie and her babies are just doing fantastic. She is such a natural and as you can see, she is smiling in her picture, although I kind of think she looks like she is saying........"what did you do to me???" She certainly is going to busy with 5 babies!!! Congrats to Andrew and Jaclyn and to Justine for making a "boy" choice!! Holly

Sunday, March 18, 2007


3/18/07 Sunday.......... After a morning of baths and lots of visitors for Jazzy's puppies this afternoon, Abbie decided it was time to have her babies.

She just delivered her beautiful litter. She started pushing around 8 pm and by 9:30 mom and babies were all resting. She did wonderful and this was the fastest delivery we have had so far..........
Abbie broke the trend with this delivery!!! We are very excited and the pups are just adorable!

She had 4 BOYS and one little girl.

The girl was born first and weighed in at 3 7/8 oz, then the boys followed weighing 3 7/8, 2 1/2, 4 1/4, and 4 oz in that order. I will have some pictures soon. I apologize to all the folks out there that we have contracts for on girls.......for this is a first for us with the BOYS....something we cannot predict........Holly

Friday, March 16, 2007


Hi everyone....we are just so excited! Today we had Abbie
x-rayed to determine how many pups to expect next week and here you have it.............5 babies!!!!!!!!! We can't believe it!!! She is going to have her little paws full but we will do everything we can to make sure her delivery is seamless and that she is able to care for them appropriately. Keep her in your prayers and we will let all of you know how everything went as soon as they arrive. Just in case you forgot, she is due anytime after March 21st. Thanks so much. Holly

WHO LET THE DOGS OUT.........???

Who let the dogs out? Woof, ....woof, ...woof, woof!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


This is Miss Tia Marie, 17 weeks old..........a real doll.........
This is Miss Rosie...... just a true sweetie at 15 weeks......
And this handsome boy is Mr. Toby, a full brother to Miss Tia above at 17 weeks.
I just love it when I get new pictures to look at......and I actually got to visit Toby and Rosie today. It was just wonderful to see them and how big they have grown..........Holly


These darling little sleeping beauties all have wonderful new homes to go to when they are 12 weeks old. Girl one, now known as Taylor's Captivating JS Denali, "Ali for short" is staying here at Taylor Made Yorkies for potential show and breeding later on, Girl two has a wonderful family in Massachusetts, girl three is staying in Maine in the Bangor area with an awesome family, and girl four is staying in the TMY family, going to my wonderful parents in Central Maine. We are soooooooo very happy to have such wonderful people out there wanting our little babies. Congrats to all of you..........Holly

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I got up this morning only to find these little monsters outside their pen. I let them play for quite awhile with the big dogs. So far they are all getting along fine and Delia just loves the babies. I snapped these photos right after I put them back in. Every day they look different, act different and get more and more adorable. Enjoy,.... HOlly

Friday, March 09, 2007


Hi everyone, I just started letting the pups out to play in the office when I am in there..........It is such a "hoot" to watch them romping, running, jumping........ There was a little styrofoam plate in here and one of them found you can see, she is proudly prancing around with it and everyone else wants it. It's amazing to me how much they have changed in just 7 weeks. Today I will take them up to meet Dr Hutchins for their first shots and exam. I plan to be there for an hour, as the staff just love to see the new puppies and to play with them.
Girl 1 is the talkative one........every day when I talk to them she is the one who yipps and barks at me ...jumping with her little front feet. Girl 2 & 3 have similar personalities........both of them take a minute to warm up and then they are the fiesty two...grabbing toys and trying to attack mom, my feet and anything else they can get their little mouths on.........and girl 4 is monkey-see-monkey-do....mocking all the others and letting out the cutest growl to let everyone know she is there too. They are just so darn adorable!!! For the two families that will be new moms/ are very lucky as I have literally recieved a hundred calls on these pups. Have a great day!! Holly

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I have some exciting news and can't wait to tell you all about "him"............but I am going to wait.................but just so you know............."he" will be coming soon................LOL Holly


"It is unlawful to sell a puppy or kitten prior to the completion of its seventh week of life. In addition, it is required that a breeder and/or pet dealer provide the buyer of the puppy/kitten with a written disclosure indicating their history, including their health records. For more information and to confirm you are in compliance with these animal Laws in The State of Maine, please refer to this link specifically page 65, Item 7 4152 and page 111, item N. Augusta.
Also a reminder to back yard breeders and other breeders in Maine. The laws have changed and if you own 5 or more breedable dogs you must obtain a breeding kennel license from your town and register with the State of Maine. This law went into effect in September 2006 I believe.


The Pine Tree State Doberman Pinscher Club, Sacarappa Obedience Club, Vacationland Dog Club Inc. and the York County Kennel Club of Maine, INC, present:

Sunday March 25th, 2007
Saco Community Center
75 Franklin Street
Saco, Maine
Time: 1:00-4:00 PM
Please come and visit this exciting event--- but please leave your pet dogs at home.
I plan to be there with some great information and some pups for you to enjoy. Hope to see you there! Holly

Sunday, March 04, 2007


I just had a very sweet couple leave my house after they came to visit the yorkies. They just were scammed and lost the money they sent to someone for a yorkie. They told me they answered an ad about Yorkies for sale for $450.00. They were told that they did not have any right now, but that they had a friend who did ...and they would highly recommend them. So she sent emails to the "friend" who told them she was 78 years old...and yes she would sell them a yorkie as a favor to the friend.............after many emails...they were told to send a money gram for $450 so they did. They then received an email telling them what flight and what time the dog would arrive at the Portland Jet Port...........but no puppy arrived!!!! When they got home they had an email stating that the woman had gone to get the money gram and they would not let her cash it for 24hours........therefore she took the dog home.......what was she....stupid??!!!! This incident has been reported to the authorities and to the FBI, however, unfortunately they are told that they cannot track or trace emails.............This is a sad situation we all are in. Scammers, identity theft, robberys and more........what or what is this world coming to!!?? I asked them if they had read my alert on the front home page.........they said, "Yes, today, but not last week when we originally called you." Unfortunately if they had, it might have saved them the heartache and disapointment that they are experiencing now..............beware everyone...... Holly