Thursday, May 31, 2007


The TMY household will be blessed with another litter of pups in June around the 15th of the month. Our darling Delia is definitely expecting and has quite the booda belly going on. We are accepting contract/deposit/questionnaires, first come first served. I will keep you posted as things progress and we will be having an xray some time in the next 2 weeks to see how many. We are soooooooooooo excited!!! Holly


Here is a picture of Lola, one of Jazzy's girls that was born in January 07. I love seeing pictures of the girls!!! She is just adorable and look at that face!! Lola is doing great, has a lab, Bella to play with with and of course all of the Buzzotta children. Obviously she is healthy and happy..................I am so pleased. Holly


Zachary went home with his new mom and dad on Saturday. He was the largest pup out of Abbie and Grady and had the most amazing coat of hair I have seen!
This is Zach's new castle and what a castle it is!!

Here is Andrew and Jaclyn...........the sweetest couple. They have told me that they are having the most amazing time with Zachary. He is smart, attentive and just a love bug. Are they not cute together!!! TMY is so fortunate to have such wonderful parents for our pups!! Congrats to you three!!! HOlly

Monday, May 28, 2007


It's summer, good weather and a great time to start training. Two of the most important things you should train your puppy to do is walk on a leash and COME. All the other tricks can come later. I will discuss the "come" in a future Blog.Walking on a leash is so important. If you want to take your Yorkie with you wherever you go, they have to be on a leash. You can't expect your little dog to stay by your side if you have to put them on the ground. How do you start? First you have to get them used to wearing a collar so if you have not done so, put it on and leave it on for a few days. They may be annoyed and scratch at it incessently, but that's ok...........they soon will just forget that they have it on. Once accustomed to the collar, take your puppy outside or start inside the house attaching your leash. A 6 foot lead is great, but if you can't find one that long anything you have will do. You can always tie on a piece of clothes line to make it longer initially.
For the first few days, don't drag or pull on your puppy. Take them out and let them explore, going out to the end of the leash. Soon they will learn, humphhhh.....I can only go so far. If they pull to much and get all excited, call to them to come and they will let up. If they come to you....praise praise praise. (this is the beginning of the COME). After the few sessions of length leash, then shorten it to its natural length and take your pup out. Consistently walk your pup on the right or the left. Your choice. Show walking is always on the left but if you are going to walk with traffic, you may want to teach on the right. Shorten the lead in your hand so the leash is taught but not so you lift your baby off the ground. Use words like "Let's go", Walkie, or whatever you choose, but be consistent and always use those words. Give a slight tug and hopefully you will be on your least for a few steps. If it works, do it again. Now, for the stubborn little ones who sit or lie down and won't move, and you feel like you are dragging them a foot at a time.
A little trick that really works. Hook on your leash, take the leash and go down around your pup under the front legs, then feed your leash either back thru the rung that you hooked on or under the top of the collar itself. This creates a natural harness effect. Then try again. The pressure and pull is on the chest instead of the neck, your baby should move forward. Even if they move a few feet, praise praise praise. This all takes time and you will be amazed that after a few sessions they will get it. Don't give up, keep trying and soon they will be walking beside you nicely. If your pup pulls you and won't walk beside you .........use the natural harness to gain more control and keep them beside you. Good luck. By the way, the natural harness technique works great with older dogs that pull pull when on a lead. Once they stop, you can just hook the leash on like a pro. Holly

Friday, May 25, 2007


If you have been following my blog, you may recall that I posted that we did not have a successful breeding with Delia in April. WELL GUESS WHAT.......DELIA MAY HAVE A BIG SECRET SURPRISE FOR US VERY SOON!!! This is not confirmed yet..........and could actually be a false pregnancy...................but..................Delia has quite the belly going, sure signs of being pregnant and would be due possibly around June 15th or so. Having said that...........I keep feeling for movement which would be the next confirmation for me, and I will plan to take her for an xray around June 8th for finalization!!! Yes we did an ultrasound which was negative for pregnancy, but I had the dates mixed up in my head so it was too early, and he did see some fluid sacks which he said could be the result of a false pregnancy. Oh well, not everything is 100%.

I am so very excited as I really wanted to breed Delia back. She had such an absolute beautiful pup last November and TMY wants another just like her. I will keep all of you posted and if there are any of you interested, I am making a waiting list. Keep reading the blog for updates!! Holly

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The most impressionable time for your Yorkie is 3-6 months of age. During this time it is vitally important that your baby be socialized. After a few days of guiet time when he first comes home with you, start taking your pup everywhere you can. Introduce him/her to hundreds of friendly people. Never force him/her on something especially if they act scared. Let the pup go to them, reach out, sniff.......... Give your pup the opportunity to be exposed to noise, power tools and other animals. Just remember, one bite from a big dog could be the end so be sure you know that they will be safe and never leave them alone with other animals in the beginning.
Watch for signs of stress during this time. They may tuck their tail between their legs, ears will go down, head down and even yawn. If you see your pup doing this, back off and take more time for the introduction.
Keep your pup safe. While your pup is still having their shots, their immunization and protection is low. Do not let them walk in public parks, rest stops or other places where other dogs may have been. Coccida lives in the ground for 2 years or more and other deadly diseases like parvo and distemper could be lurking out there.
This can be one of the best times for you and your puppy...........just be careful and sensible because this impressionable time could make a difference between your pup being a social butterfly or shy and introverted. Holly

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Justine, left top, with her very own Yorkshire Terrier pup, Max, were together today and going home. This young lady, determined to buy a yorkie pup has waited weeks for this day. A student and just a lovely young lady, TMY is so very proud to her have her as a new parent to one of Abbie's pups. I think what I love about her the most is that from the very beginning she asked so many questions, learning and absorbing everything I told her in preparation for her little furbaby. Congrats Justine!!!
Just a few weeks after Justine found TMY and Abbie's pups had been born, a surprize came our way..........Justine's mom and dad, Dave and Karen and brother Jason decided that they just had to have the last available pup from Abbie. Jasper, shown above with his new family is just loving all that attention!! Jasper and Max only weigh 1 oz different and other that a slightly longer nose on Max, they could have been twins. On the fly, this family will have their work cut out for them trying to decide who is being the little devil this time. Best wishes to all of you and enjoy! Holly

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Here are new pictures of Ruby's babies. They are 4 weeks old today. In the first picture, the boy is on the far left, Dani-lynn is in the middle, and the other unnamed girl is on the right. They are all so cute and have such nice silky coats.
The bottom left pic is Taylor's Debuting Dani-lynn and the far right pic is Ruby's bigger girl that I have not named yet. Enjoy. Holly


I have had numerous phone calls from people looking for a puppy. During our conversations, I ask if they have done their research and recommend highly that they ask the following questions when inquiring on any puppy. It is vitally important and could make the difference between making a mistake or future heartache. TMY is ALWAYS available to anyone for questions and concerns regarding yorkies..........even if you don't buy one of my pups. If I can help you, I will.
1. Look at mom and dad. Ask what their health has been and ask about their temperment.
2. Look at the pedigree. If there are any in "red" or that have CH near their name...write it down and then go online to find them. Often you can find their owners and call or email and ask questions again about their health.Or take down the grandparents names and do the same.
3. Ask the breeder if they have ever had any livershunt pups. If you are saying now, what is have not done your research on potential life threatening issues with yorkies. Look back in my archived articles and I have written about it.
4. Observe your potential pup in play. Hold and look at the pup. Is he/she well socialized?
5. If possible, look at the pups siblings.
6. Ask for references......possibly names of people that have purchased previous pups. Call them and talk to them.
7. Ask if they have been examined by a vet. Have they been wormed and had puppy vaccines. Ask for the name of the vet and call him/her. Do they have a health guarantee and contract.
8.Do your research on hypoglycemia. There is lots of info in my website. Go to your local vet and ask for a vial of "Quick Start". It is a high sugar/supplement that can be given anytime when your pup is stressed or sick or even as an adult. Nutristat is available at pet stores. It is similar but I don't like it as well.
9. Inspect the kennel or area sure your pup has been in a clean and healthful environment.
10. If buying on the internet and shipping a pup.........WAIT until the pup is at least 12-14wks old!!!! The stress from the flight may kill your puppy! Make sure you get references and if they are under $500 expect a scam!
I could go on and on and I can't. The main thing is ask...ask...ask! If a breeder is reluctant to answer any of these questions, or refuses to let you see the parents or allow you in the kennel, their may be a problem. BEWARE!! Nothing is worse than buying your pup and losing it before you can even raise it to an adult. The heartache is not worth it! Take your time.....don't rush, wait for a reputable breeder. I know this is the most difficult thing to do...........but it will be worth it. Best wishes to all of you. Holly

Friday, May 11, 2007


York County Kennel Club is looking for new members. Do you have a love for purebred dogs? Do you have a sense of committment to their wellbeing and life? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you are perfect for the Club. You do not have to own a dog nor show dogs. YCKC meets the 4th Monday of every month over next to the Kennebunk Animal Shelter. If you are interested in learning more about the Club and what we do, if you want to join a great group of people with common interests and dedicate a small amout of time to a great cause, email me and come to our next meeting. You do not have to live in York County to be a member. YCKC has a website and the link is on my homepage and blog page. Look us up! Holly


We are receiving so many emails and phone calls regarding available puppies it is unbelievable. When we made the decision to breed Yorkies, we committed to the health and welfare of our adult babies. We don't breed our girls just because they come into season. We look at their weight, their overall condition and the number of pups they had with their last delivery. Some of my girls are on what I call "sabattical" until their next heat cycle. Don't forget, we only have 5 girls available for breeding. The other thing we have to consider is a successful breeding. It does not always happen, but I also wanted to give everyone an idea of when more pups might be available. Here is a breakdown of when we may have more pups. Remember these are only estimates.
Liberty: Due in season early October. Status: Will breed. Whelp month: December. Pups available to go home: late February/March
Jazzy: Due in season: May/June Status: Will breed. Whelp month: August To homes: October
Delia: Due in season: October Will breed Whelp month: December To homes: March
Abbie: Due in season: July On sabattical. Next potential breeding in January '08
Ruby: Due in Season: August On sabattical. Next potential breeding: February '08.

TMY is no longer pre-selling our babies, however we are accepting contracts and questionnairs anytime. You do not have to send any money. What I do is put you on a potential list in the order received. As soon as I have a breeding I will let you know and when they are born I will let you know potential availablity. Each person has refusal and I go down the list. This has worked well for the last litters and all of my pups have been placed in wonderful homes. Should you find a pup somewhere else, a courtesy email or phone call is appreciated. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you participate in this process. Of course, I only sell to approved homes. Hope this helps and if you are considering a pup from Taylor Made Yorkies, please send in your questionnaire and contract for deposit soon. You can find it on our home page at the bottom of the page. Feel free to call me with any questions. Holly

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Above: Miss "Tia" Marie, 5 1/2 months old

Taylor Made Yorkies Testimonial

Purchasing a pup at Taylor Made Yorkies (TMY) has been a very positive and rewarding experience. When I found TMY, Holly and precious Tiny Tia (now known as Miss "Tia" Marie) on-line on New Year's Day, my husband, Todd, and I were grieving as we had just recently lost our beloved Sassy - a 2-year old, 3-pound Yorkie. After having Sassy we couldn't imagine our home and lives without a Yorkie. I called and spoke to Holly on New Year's Day. I was so grateful for her sincere compassion and sympathy for our loss. She offered to place a picture in memory of Sassy on her TMY website without any pressure for us to buy one of her puppies. Her compassion and caring extended far beyond making a sale, which I felt was a testament to her having her puppies' best interest at heart. I cannot express how much I appreciated her listening to me and her kind words.
During the week following my conversation with Holly I spoke to several other breeders in New England and visited other beautiful puppies. However, I couldn't bring myself to commit to another puppy until I met Tiny Tia. So, the following Saturday Todd and I took a trip to Arundel to meet Tia. It was LOVE at FIRST SIGHT!! She was PERFECT and everything that we wanted! She was friendly, alert, playful, lovable, and cute as a button! Likewise, her parents were precious...they were meticulously cared for and within the Yorkshire Terrier breed's standard. Even though we were looking for a pet and companion, these were all important qualities for our new puppy to have. It was so cute when Holly picked Tia up and at the sound of her familiar voice Tia excitedly showered her with kisses... she was shaking all over! It was evident that she was well socialized and had had a lot of attention from Holly because by the time we brought her home she knew her name and she easily adjusted to her new surroundings. She was, and is, so smart and confident. It was great hearing the sound of the pitter-patter of little feet in our home again. Our house once again felt like a home. She makes us smile.
I cannot thank Holly enough for the great job she does as a breeder and as a life-long mother to these little ones. She is knowledgeable, professional, and a dependable resource. She works to ensure a successful transition of her pups into their new homes by giving caring and kind support to the new parents through a comprehensive puppy pack, posting frequent tips on her web-site, and follow-up phone calls and emails - all of which mean so much and are a source of comfort to new mothers and fathers. I know that if I have a question, or if I simply need to brag about Tia and need someone to listen to me, that Holly is just an email or a phone call away.

Like the perfect fit of a taylor-made suit... Miss "Tia" Marie, from Taylor Made Yorkies, is a perfect fit for our home.

Thank you, Holly and TMY, for our little ball of unconditional love and for giving her such a wonderful start in life!! We absolutely LOVE her!

It has been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you.

Your New Friends,

Julie and Todd Howland
Eddington, ME


Here is my show hopeful for the future. This is Taylor's Million Dollar Kiosck, "Key" as we are going to call him. He is out of Yashanti's Aspiring Abbie and Taylor's Sir Grady. He is the man!! We are keeping our eye on him to see how he develops. Hopefully he is going to be my little show hopeful for the future.
This pup is one of my home bred babies. We are so lucky to be having such great pups with beautiful faces and toplines. I will keep you posted on his progress. HOlly


Hi all, just wanted to let you know that the AKC Show that York County Kennel Club sponsored was a huge success. Even though we were down with entries from last year, we had a great turn out with spectators and all. The weather was beautiful and the Acton fair grounds a great local. Again this year, I saw some of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen. It is just wonderful to see all the breed types and owners taking pride in what they have. The Judges were wonderful, and being part of the hospitality team, I had the pleasure to assist them and interact with them which was a first for me. A HUGE thank you to "Great Beginnings" in Sanford you catered our event luncheons. The food was fabulous and everyone was more than pleased with the selections. If you did not have an opportunity to attend this year, put it on your calendar now for next year. Our show is held the first weekend in May. We are also looking for new club members and if you live in the greater Portland area or southern maine, we would love to share what we do with you. You don't have to have a show dog, but only love dogs and believe in the preservation of purebred dogs. If I can be of assistance to you.........just let me know. Holly

Friday, May 04, 2007


Anya is home for a visit. My mom and dad brought her down to see us as well as to get her third set of puppy shots. She is absolutely adorable and is the best little girl. Of course her "over protective" parents were nervous introducing her to all the other dogs here initially.......but they all did just fine. They were excited to see her and they played until the could play no more.
Anya was the tiniest little girl out of Jazzy and Grady. She was born on January 15th 2007. Initially Anya had some issues with her back legs as she was squat in her moms belly with 4 other siblings. She was the pup that I performed physical therapy on daily and look at her now!!!! Totally a spitfire of energy with no issues at all.............she is beautiful. HOlly

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


This weekend York County Kennel Club is hosting a 2 day AKC event point show. It is both Saturday May 5th and 6th at the Acton Fair Grounds in Acton Maine. 8am- 5pm. Both days will provide you with some exciting weekend activities. Not only will their be confirmation judging, but agility, obedience and rally. There will also be a Puppy Extravaganza!
Last year was my first time ever going to a dog show...........I went both days!!! Not only was it fun, but a learning experience and just plain informative. I saw dogs that I have never seen before and learned so much!
YCKC members, Staff, along with myself will be there to share with you, as well as many show exhibitors. Food items and raffles will be on sale. Come on out and support YCKC.
The weather is supposed to be marvelous and I know you and your family will really enjoy this event. Admission is $3 to the general public, $2 for students and seniors.
If you do come, ask for me as I would love to meet you in person if we have not done so yet..Holly


Today I thought I would write a little blurp about pictures. I can remember when I was trying to set up my website with my webmaster. She kept telling me my pictures were terrible and that somehow I needed to take better ones. I laugh now thinking back about she has our darling Emma, one of Liberty's pups........and I ask her all the time to send me pictures of her. When I get them, I call her and ask her when she is going to send me a good picture of her so I can really see what she looks like!!!! LOL We laugh about it all the time........because it is really difficult to get good pictures of these dogs.
Of course when I am taking a picture, I want ears up, correct stance to show off their toplines and a soft face.........LOL I have given up. The camera comes out, the ears go down and the heads turn away.......they know the flash is coming. Oh well.
The other thing that happens is when you are taking a picture, if you don't have something in the picture of "known" size, the pups or dogs look huge in the pics. I had some people come this past weekend that could not believe how small the dogs actually were............the pics make them look big. All the adult dogs that I have weigh between 4.5 and 7 pounds so when you look at them, think of a 5 lb bag of sugar with a head and legs and there you have it!! Puppies can be visualized in pounds of butter.....................I know this sounds funny, but think about it. We are not professional photographers and I can literally take 12-20 pictures and only have 2 that I feel are worthy of posting. I do my best and maybe this will help some of you that may wonder how big these dogs really are in real life. Have a great day!!! Holly