Sunday, December 28, 2008


Jazzy and Sutton spending a lazy Sunday hanging out with us. Jazzy is expecting Sutton's babies in February. I think we will have some really cute ones!!!!!!!!!!


Indy joined us in the living room today to watch the Patriots game. He is just a doll.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


We had an extra special xmas as we had Geordie home with us for xmas. He is just a doll and I do believe he has enjoyed playing with all the puppies and with us.


Mushu sends happy holidays to all. He is the son of Delia and Sutton born in July 2008.


This picture is priceless...........our very own Toby with his dad after they finished their x-mas dinner........


I found your website tonight while looking for Yorkie Breeders in Maine. I live in Buxton and I had no idea that there was a breeder so close to me. I wish I had known that you were so close a few years ago! I have a 2.5 year old Yorkie named Delilah Belle who I adore! I somehow failed to find a breeder in Maine at the time that I was looking for a Yorkie so I bought her at a local pet store in Windham. I never quite understood why people would tell me never to buy a puppy from a pet store but I very quickly found out why after I brought Delilah home. She was a very sick little puppy and after several tests we found out that she had a liver shunt and would die if she did not have surgery. Needless to say, we decided to have the surgery and she has been a healthy girl ever since.

It is so important that people are aware of some of the issues with purchasing a small breed dog especially when you do not know exactly where they are coming from. I would like to note that I did months of research on Yorkies before purchasing; which is why I noticed that there was a problem so quickly. I actually diagnosed her before the vet did. The symptoms are similar to hypoglycemia until you realize that everything that you are doing to treat the hypoglycemia just doesn’t work.

I think it is also important to mention that the store owner gave me a complete refund for Delilah; which I think is extremely uncommon and was certainly not required of him by Maine State law. The cost of the testing and the surgery was more than $3,000.00 when all was said and done. This is what I think people should truly understand and take into serious consideration before purchasing any dog let alone a small breed dog where these issues tend to be common in puppies that come from puppy mills or other irresponsible breeders! If you look at any Yorkie Rescue site, you will see that many of the dogs that were given up by their owners had liver shunts. Not only is it an expensive issue to remedy; it is a lot of work that involves a strict schedule of medications and feedings to keep your puppy as healthy as possible before and after the surgery.

That being said; if someone was to find themselves in this situation after purchasing a Yorkie Pup and they love the breed as much as I do, they won’t give any of this a second thought when deciding what to do!
We at TMY are looking forward to meeting Delilah's mom at some point in the future. Her story is just another in the saga of puppy mills. If everyone out there would just STOP buying puppies from pet stores, then there would be no demand for puppy mill pups and then it would put them out of business. My heart goes out to all of you who have had your heart broken or have been taken by the rise in mass produced dogs of any breed. As a lover of yorkshire terriers and a person who cares, we do try to do the right thing here at TMY, improving our program and producing healthy puppies.


Well we finally are going to have puppies again if everything goes well. We have had a successful breeding with Jazzy and with Delia. Only time will tell now if we have babies. If so they will be due around the 20th of February. Of course we will keep you posted and up to date as things and confirmation transpires. Wish us luck as the Irish would say.........

Thursday, December 25, 2008


We had a wonderful day today with family and friends and of course with the puppies. Santa filled the puppy stocking with tons of treats and chewies so that kept them busy for most of the day!! and of course they all had a bite of turkey too.......hope yours was as fun filled as ours was.........

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Here is darling little Sophia, weighing in at 4.4 lbs this xmas, she is the daughter of Abbie and Sutton. Merry x-mas everyone!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Stacey sent me this darling picture of Zoey. She is just a doll. Zoey is a daughter of Abbie and Sutton


Just too cute enjoying the snow. Maddie and Hugo are out of Delia and Sutton.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!! Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season. Christmas time is always so busy for everyone. I know that all too well. With the family coming here this year, it makes lots of extra work but we love having the festivities as I know all of you do too. Thank you so much for all the cards and pictures of the puppies. I will try to scan them in and post them. They are all so beautiful!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to see them again next summer. In the meantime, enjoy your families and puppies and may God Bless you all.

May you be blessed during this holiday season and may 2009 be a wonderful year for you. Everyone here at Taylor Made Yorkies wishes you a healthful New Year. Love Holly and Scott


My little Chance has been sold. I will post a picture soon of him and his new mom.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well we got through the ice storm of 2008. We were without power from Thursday night to Sunday early evening. Like most folks, we don't own a generator. Honestly we have only lost our power a few times in the 9 years we have lived here. We kept warm at least. We have a ventless propane heater which we set up in the big room for the pups, and another one in the living room that heated the upstairs as well. Thank goodness for the pool, as we dipped water for flushing. Otherwise, we all went to bed The dogs really didnt understand why we hand candles burning and why it was so dark so early, but we made out fine. Hope all of you are ok and that everyone has that commodity of electricity back. Boy, it is easy to take things for granted sometimes.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We are really busy as usual but this time not due to the dogs...LOL. I got a new job in September and I am slamming with work so I have been putting in long hours and just not finding the time to write too much right now. Please forgive me.
Chance is still available. He is a really nice boy and will make a great boy for someone. I also have decided to sell Sadie (Mercedes). She will probably weigh about 5.5 lbs full grown. Right now she has a floppy ear.....teething really bad but I think I can get it up . She is a little love bug. She is out of Delia and Sutton. Both will be sold spay/neuter only.
Jazzy is finally in season and we will be breeding her. Hope for success for us. Abbie and Lib are on sabatical until next summer. Everyone else is doing well. We will be breeding Lucy and Sierra for the first time this coming spring. I am anxious to see what our bred bys give us. It is exciting times. No shows now until after the first of the is good to have a break.
Like everyone else........I am trying to prepare for the holidays. Well keep coming back to see me thru the blog and take care. Holly

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


This little boy is for sale. He was born to Ruby and Grady on July 22nd. I have been watching him for a potential show but little Chance might be a bit light and he has too much leg. He will make someone a great little pet. He has a great personality and is just a sweetheart.


Meadow and I had a great time at the Fitchburg show last weekend. In her class she competed against 2 other little girls and she won a first in her class. We then competed in best puppy against an older girl and we got 2nd. Meadow is very comfortable in the show ring and loves to strut her stuff. So cute. I wish I had pictures but I cant do everything!!! LOL