Saturday, September 29, 2007


One of my prospective parents has been sewing up a storm, and her model is DD. DD is her friends' yorkie. Look how absolutely cute this plaid jacket is.....and the funny thing is DD does not mind at all. So cute!!


My husband and I got Oliver, one of Delia's pups born in June. We brought him home a month ago and are having so much fun with him!
I am a long-time Yorkie mom and fell in love with the breed a long time ago. Ollie is my third Yorkie baby and I can't say enough good things about Holly and her pups.
I haven't lived in this area very long, so when my other Yorkie passed away in February, I didn't know any breeders around here. I took a few months to do research. There are a lot of puppy mills and brokers in the Northeast and I wanted to make sure that I didn't unwittingly do business with one of them.
I found Holly's blog on the internet and was impressed with her knowledge of the breed and that she was using the forum to educate people about Yorkies, not just trying to sell puppies. She is a wealth of information (don't hesitate to ask her questions because she'll take the time to answer all of them!). Holly truly cares about her dogs and pups, and does everything she can to give them a healthy start in life!
After I brought Ollie home, I took him to my vet to get checked out. My vet said he was one of the healthiest puppies he's ever seen -- strong heart (no murmurs), lungs, etc. All of his papers were in order and shots current when we picked him up. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of where the pups live and that they are there in the home, as part of the family.
Ollie is a very friendly pup! He was a little timid when we first brought him home (we have three other animals, so there was a lot to get used to all at once at his new home!). But he quickly fit in and loves to play with our other dog and cats.
The most important thing with their socialization is to bring them places when they're young so that they get accustomed to other people and animals. I waited a couple of weeks to let him get used to us and his new home, then started bringing him out and about with us. He no longer cries in the travel carrier and enjoys riding in the car. He doesn't bark at people. He's just an all-around, friendly little guy!
He's also super smart. My husband taught him to sit the first day and he's learned to stay (for the most part! Sometimes he's too excited to stay, but he is still a pup!) Ollie has a few accidents every now and then, but mostly goes on the pee-pad in his box or outside when we walk him. Yorkies have a reputation as being hard to housetrain, but they aren't really. It's just like with any other dog -- you have to be patient and consistent.
A Yorkie baby will absolutely steal your heart! They are very loyal, loving little dogs that love to snuggle! They require a little more attention, as far as their safety goes, because they are tiny little dogs. But they pay you back many times over with love.
As I said, this is my third Yorkie, and getting my pup from Holly is by far the best experience I have had with a breeder.
Erin Koenig & Oliver

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This is an update on "Ottie". He is the son of Ruby and Grady and was born in April 2007. Ottie lives in New Hampshire with his family. He has little girls to play with and from what I understand he just loves them!! This family climbs mountains, hikes, camps and plays and Otis goes everywhere with them. He is a lucky boy for sure! Enjoy! Holly


16 days to go........poor little Jazzy has the biggest BOODA belly going on. Everytime I look at her she gives me the "look.........I can't believe I ate the whole thing"................ but in this case she didn't eat anything........LOL.
In all seriousness, we are anticipating a big litter again. I think she is larger now than she was when she delivered last time with 5 pups. The worry is that she will have another litter as large or larger...........and the pups will be very tiny. The smaller they are the chance that they will not survive. We are going for an xray next Thursday the 4th, and will give you all an update then. Keep Jaz in your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate it more than you know! Holly

Monday, September 24, 2007


We have had a successful breeding with Abbie so if she has a pregnancy, her pups will be due on the tail end of Thanksgiving weekend...........HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!! We are going to be sooooo busy!!! HOlly


Key did very well in Goshen this weekend. We placed 2nd both days in our 6-9 mo old puppy class. I was told that if he had showed more confidence and held his tail up that we probably would have gotten a first, but that is ok. It is overwhelming for these little dogs their first time out and he was a bit timid but by the 2nd day he did much better. We will be training at class and I am going to take him to public places more to work with him. Overall we had a great time.
I have to tell you a funny story though. Sunday morning I got up to get ready. I went to the car and the battery was dead. The ref. in my room was not working so I kept my cooler plugged in,in the car and did not use the auxillary plug so battery. AAA came out and gave me a boost and all was well. I then went to the room to get into my show clothes and pulled out a new pair of Leggs pantyhose, pulled them on only to learn the toe on the right leg had not been sewn luck!!!! I pulled the foot part down, balled it up and stuck it under my toes and shoved my shoe on, hoping that in the ring it didn't ride up around my didn't but it just goes to show you..............don't sweat the small stuff............we still did fine !!!!! LOL. I alao had the opportunity to network with some very seasoned show breeders and show was a great weekend for sure!!! Holly

Thursday, September 20, 2007


This updated picture of Max (left) and Jasper (right) came in from Justine. They both live in MA now. They just had their neuter surgery and had the cones on so they would not bother each other. These pups are out of Abbie, born in March 2007. They both weigh in the 4 lb range. This pic is just too funny but are they not adorable???
We all work very hard to stay in touch and I love receiving updated pictures. Holly


"It's tough to be a pup", sent to me from Erin. This is Oliver, one of Delia's boys taken at his new home. So darn cute!!!! Enjoy.........Holly

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


As most of you know, showing your dog is allot of work, time consuming and sometimes expensive. The ultimate is confirmation when the dog is judged compared to the standard. In this case, The Yorkshire Terrier Standard set forth by the AKC. You can obtain this standard by going to the Akc website. Every purebred dog has a standard as you will see. Dogs shown in confirmation cannot be spayed or neutered.
Confirmation is NOT the only venue at a show. There are many other classes that you can show your dog in. There is Rally, Obedience, and Agility groups. Your dog can be spayed or neutered to compete in these classes. There are a few Clubs and training programs here in Maine that specialize in these areas. There are also classes where you can good a certificate in achievement for your dog/pup as a Good Canine Citizen. The dog can become a "therapy dog" etc. Check out some of these options. It is a great area to explore and it gives you the ultimate one on one time with your dog/puppy. If you don't know where to start, send me an email and I can give you some reference people to talk to. Have a great day!!!Holly

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


September 15, 2007
Dear Holly,
In light of all the negative press about internet breeders being puppie mills, I wanted to express my satisfaction with Taylor Made Yorkies. Feel free to use my input in any way you choose.
1. I was invited to attend your “Yorkie Reunion” where I had an opportunity to speak with people who had purchased your puppies and to see the older dogs.2. I saw your kennel and the home where you raise your puppies and was impressed with its cleanliness and the fact that the dogs are not kept in cages but roam around the house, deck and yard like the puppy pets that they are.3. I appreciate the care with which you selected a puppy for me to adopt and the fact that you are always available to answer questions and offer advice.
I had looked for a long time to find a breeder in Maine and without a doubt you have met all that I would expect of a reputable breeder.
Little Brie is everything that I had hoped for in a Yorkie puppy. I will be happy to recommend Taylor Made Yorkies to all who will listen!
Pat Carmolli


I have been sewing up a storm making satin belly bands and reusable piddle pads. What are belly bands used for.......... Show yorkies wear belly bands when they are traveling and in hotel rooms. Male dogs have a tendency to want to "mark their territory" the belly band with pad fools them and they don't ruin the room or piddle on things they should not. How can you use them? Taking your pup for a ride, visiting a friend or relative and worried about them piddling on the floor or carpet.........this is the perfect solution. Satin does not chafe and it also protects their coat. I eventually will be making some from other fabrics but this is a start. Neat huh??? These bands sell for $8.00 plus 5% sales tax. Shipping is not included.
I am in the testing mode on the reusable piddle pads. I will let you know how they do in the wash and how they hold up! HOlly


TMY is now a distributor of "Odor Gone" a very powerful but safe product. It literally eliminates does NOT cover them up. This product is all natural and environmentally friendly and best of all SAFE.
...............what about those wet and rainy days and your doggie smells like dog?........and now your couch does too
...............what about that doggie bed that just won't fit in the washer???? stored away a box with clothing and jackets...........oops it smells musty?
..............OH NO!!! Rover got sprayed by a skunk!!
..............your pup piddled on your carpet.......and they keep doing it on that one spot.......
.............smoke smells??? dirty sneaker/shoe odors??? It works every time!!!
Many many uses, and worth every penny. TMY has currently 11 dogs in our house and believe me I have used every product on the market and nothing has really worked until now!!
Odor Gone comes in 4 oz, 16oz, quarts and gallons.If you are me and I will give you more information. Soon I will have a page with all of our new products and items! Holly

Saturday, September 15, 2007


The house is very quiet
I want to find a friend,
I've researched all the breeds
and the Yorkie draws me in.

I searched the web and papers
To see what I could find,
and to my pleasure and glee,
I found TMY!

All the puppies and dogs
are just so very sweet,
I can not wait to visit
to give them them all a treat.

I sent the email and paperwork
I phoned and talked with Holly,
I've been placed on the waiting list,
I know I have found a puppy.

The day has finally come
I will get showered in little kisses
My very own little yorkie
I know what I have been missing.

Wonderful Taylor Made Yorkies
Is not like any of the rest,
If you want a new baby yorkie,
Then go to the very BEST!

Every thing you will need,
and a wonderful mentor who cares,
Yes!!! Taylor Made Yorkies
Will always be there!!

-name withheld per request_


If this is your first time on TMY's blog.........look to your right.........there are lots of archived entries, pictures and information regarding raising a yorkie. Just click on the month and there you go.........lots of bedtime reading. Enjoy! Holly

Thursday, September 13, 2007


What's new ??? I had to think about this question a bit. Things are happening so very fast and it is difficult to think about where does the time goes! It just seems like it was just the other day that we were planning for our very first puppies here at TMY. We still have all of our original girls and of course Grady.
Libby will be having her 3rd litter of pups next month. Jazzy her 2nd. Abbie is in season now so if we have a successful breeding this will be her 2nd litter as well.
Kelsi, my 10 year old is still doing wonderful. After having surgery this year for pyrometria she bounced back and is just as crazy as ever to chase and retrieve the ball.
Ruby has not come back into season yet but is due in the next month or two. Delia is on sabbitical for the next year since she had the C-section in June.
Allie, Jazzys daughter was shown in Union over the labor day weekend and is such a sweet girl. We will wait for future showing to see what her coat does.
Grady is still the king of this castle. He is the best boy and is so very good to put up with all these girls.
Key, Abbie's boy is getting prepared to make his debut in the show ring in 2 weeks. Wow....6 months old on the 18th of this month. Little Lucy, Delia's daughter is just a spit fire..........and always getting into mischief...........whew!!!!!!!!!! Did I touch on each of them? LOL.
TMY is preparing to make a trip out to Michigan to pick up a new little boy as soon as he is ready. I will keep you posted as to when that will happen. We are purchasing a show quality male for show and breeding................and maybe another girl........but don't tell my husband!!! I will be flying out when one is available. ((I can't wait!) I also will be visiting with my wonderful mentor and friend Gert while there. She has helped me so very much with my program and my yorkies. Everyone should have a mentor like her!!!!
I have Key entered in a show in Goshen, CT on the 22nd and then in Aliquippa, PA on Oct. 6th and 7th. We then will take a break while we are waiting for puppies to arrive, and then Key and I will be going to Mohegan Sun Casino in CT for a show on November 2nd. Why am I showing?? Anyone can be a breeder if they have a dog with that is not spayed, but here at TMY, we try very hard to be different than the typical "breeder". We love ALL of our dogs and are working toward improving our program, showing that we are breeding within the standard, promoting our lines and most of all making sure we are here for you and that we find the very best homes for our puppies! Please don't hesitate to call or write me at anytime. If I can help you with questions I certainly will. We CARE!!!! Have a great day.........Holly

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Hello everyone. We have been receiving lots of inquiries on puppies and I just wanted to put a reminder on here for those of you who just found us. TMY ONLY sells to APPPROVED homes. Our pups are considered family. Essentially when you purchase one of our pups, WE become family to you!!!! Just ask any of our previous mom's and dad's!!! NO, we are not a puppy mill and we do not broker dogs.

Our pups live in our home with us, we are a show home and we LOVE our dogs. The most important thing in our minds is to be SURE we find the BEST homes for our babies.

To become an approved home you MUST print off the contract for deposit and questionnaire and send it to us. I also require that we talk on the phone. Hopefully from this information I can make a good decision as to whether or not we sell to you.

TMY sells all pups as spay/neuter only. Occasionally we will have a show quality pup that we would like to sell to a show home only. In that case we would require a different contract be set up. TMY also prides ourselves in NOT being the typical "breeder". We do not breed every season. Our girls go on sabbitcal as needed. We also have a Yorkie Family Reunion every year when we have a big bar-b-cue and all the pups come home to visit. I try deligently to stay in touch with everyone for updates and pictures. We are also here for you 24/7 for questions, concerns or just to say hello.

If this is the type of relationship you would like.........then give us a call. Thank you so much for considering Taylor Made Yorkies. Holly

Friday, September 07, 2007


Key will be making his show debut at the end of this month in Goshen Ct. I will keep all of you posted on how he does. Holly

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Hello name is Lucy. My mom is Delia and my dad, Grady. Here I am with my daddy outside. My other mom Holly tells me that I am coming into myself and will hopefully be able to show after I turn 6 months old. I am an outgoing girl.
I just started being able to go outside with all the big dogs and I mastered the steps my very first day. I love to pose as you can see. "I'm practicing stacking on my own".
I have a sweet little face as you all can see. All my brothers have gone home to their new homes but I get to stay at TMY. Such a good life I have!!! I love it here. They named me Taylor's San Jacinto Lucy because I was born on my other dad's stepmom's birthday and they live in San Jacinto California. Someday I might go out there to visit them. Enjoy............Lucy and Holly


I was asked to remind all of you to keep your pups on a leash when outside as just the other day a hawk flew down again and perched, waiting for his puppy lunch......... I believe they think they are bunnies. Don't leave your pup outside or unattended!!!

Monday, September 03, 2007


Hi all.......Allie and I attended the Union Fairgrounds show Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We came home with 3 blue -first place ribbons for the 6-9 month old yorkie puppy class but unfortunately did not do anything in the breed group. That is ok, as all the other dogs entered were more mature in in coat. I was very proud of her for sure......she did very well on the lead and tolerated all the noise and hub-bub going on. We watched a pup entered in the 9-12 mo old group being dragged around the ring on her belly because she would not walk on the this made us feel very proud.
She also was especially good on the ride which before she whined and screamed when in the overall she did excellent. It was really wonderful for me to get in there!!! I was more nervous than I thought I would be the first day, but after that the jitters calmed down. The last day I brought Key with me and had him evaluated by a very reputable Yorkie breeder from Florida...........he passed with flying colors! I am going to work with him allot to get him ready to show after his 6 mo old birthday on September 18th! As far as Allie goes, we will continue to grow coat and see what happens for the future. Thank you to everyone especially Ann Short who was there to cheer me on my first day!!! And thanks to Beth for sharing my weekend as she showed her girl. Holly