Monday, April 30, 2007


Yesterday we had puppy visits by new parents and prospective parents. The dogs and I had a great time but we all slept for two hours when it was over. There is so much preparation, grooming, cleaning, etc but it is worth every minute. Everyone (meaning the dogs) was mostly on their best behavior and everyone looked pretty spiffy in my eyes. How could you not just love these guys!!
Today I came home from work and poor Abbie looked liked she had been malled by these little rascles...........Of course the first picture shows one of the pups laughing..........the second one says...........who us???? and the 4rd one.......please dont take our TV away tonight........we promise to be good..........I just love these puppies!!! HOllly

Friday, April 27, 2007


Ruby's puppys are 17 days old. It just doesn't seem possible! They have grown so much already and are just little porkers! The are adorable puppies for sure!!
At the top left is the biggest girl weighing now 1 pound 2 5/8oz. The little girl on the right weighs 14 1/2oz and the bottom picture is the only boy in this litter weighing 1 pound 2 3/8oz. Both girls will be staying at TMY and are on HOLD for now. The boy has been sold to a lovely family down in New Hampshire. If anyone has suggestions for names for these 2 girls we would love some help. Mom's name is Taylor's Ruby Tuesday Surpriz and dad, Taylor's Sir Grady. We always like to start their AKC name with Taylor's..........please email me at Holly

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Hope you don't mind I posted this..............but I am sooooooooooo pleased!!!

Dear Holly,
I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how happy we are after yesterdays visit to Taylor Made Yorkies. We weren't too sure what to expect, but when we got there, all of our expectations and then some were met. Our experience in meeting Zach was amazing. When we walked into your house, we were greeted by numerous Yorkies that were all so friendly and just wanted some of our attention. Finally, we were able to meet you face to face and once seeing you, we got a settling feeling knowing that our puppy was in good hands. You were extremely knowledgeable about the breed and also on how to care for them. With the stories that you were telling us we could see that these puppies were loved from the second they were born! Your house was kept immaculate, which was unlike other Yorkie breeders that we had met with. From meeting you, seeing the cleanliness of your house, and the good nature of your dogs, we knew that we had made the right decision in putting our faith in Taylor Made Yorkies to give us a puppy that we will be proud to call our own. Overall, our experience was amazing and I once again want to thank you for taking time off from work to have us come visit! We look forward to hearing from you on the progress of our little guy!
Thanks again,
Jaclyn & Andrew
This kind of note not only makes my day.........but makes everything I do worthwhile. I say thank I know that another of my pups have found a wonderful future mom and dad!!! Holly

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Sometimes there are subjects that we don't like to talk about but we need to. "My puppy is eating poop............what do I do??" From an early age, puppies will often lick or eat their poop or one of their siblings. I guess to them, they can smell the outsourcing of their food and try it. It used to be thought that a pup that ate feces was lacking in some nutrition or vitamins but I don't think this is true. Some but most pups will eat their own feces or another dogs'. What can you do?
The best thing to do is while either paper training your puppy or outside training your puppy, pick up the feces immediately and dispose of it. If you see your pup turn to smell it, which is natural say NO very harshly so they don't begin to eat it. You must again use deligence!
If the pup continues to eat feces, there are a couple of products on the market that you can use. One is called Deter. These are little nuggets you can feed your pup that supposably makes the feces taste horrible...........can't imagine that it dosn't taste horrible to begin with but I have never tried it..........LOL. Just be sure to read the label to make sure it is safe for the age of your pup. Most veterinarians will tell you they will grow out of this nasty habit. If you find or know of any other methods regarding this subject..........please share for my readers. Thanks Holly

Friday, April 20, 2007


Right now TMY has these two pups on HOLD. Our goal now is to keep one girl from each litter. We made the mistake of selling all the girls from our previous litters and a couple of them were definitely show quality and they were sold to pet homes. Although we feel they are at the BEST homes, TMY is always striving to improve their breeding program and to promote it by showing our offspring. Hence the changes we are making. We no longer "pre-sell" our pups either, but we will make a "waiting list" and as pups come available, we will notify you. First on the list has first refusal and so on.
The above pups are 4.5 weeks old. On the viewers left is our choice girl from Abbie. We have not thought of a name yet. On the right is Abbie's tiny boy. The way he is shaping up, he is show potential and may make a great stud dog. He is on HOLD as well. If you would like to submit a name for each of them, send me an email.............I would love the suggestions. Thanks Holly


4/19/07 Tick season is fast approaching. Ticks will be hatching and waiting to find a host to have lunch on...........your puppy!! There are many products out there to choose from to protect your little yorkie. I use Frontline Plus. Once applied, it spreads over the dog's body within 24 hours. It is good protection for a full month and is gentle enough to use on 8 week old pups, pregnant and nursing moms.
Frontline Plus kills fleas, eggs and larvae. It keeps all stages of fleas from developing. It kills 98-100% of existing fleas in less than 24 hours.
Frontline Plus also kills 100% of deer ticks between 24-48 hours after contact-before they can transmit lyme disease. It also kills all major species of ticks and kills all life stages of ticks.
Frontline does not repell ticks and fleas..........another words the tick or flea may still seek out your pet. Once on your pet, they bite the animal to get food which is blood.........the frontline immediately kills the pest. You will have to check your yorkie frequently for ticks. If you find one, dont panic!!! and remember..........the tick is not going to hurt you! Grasp the tick as close as you can next to the skin.........use a pair of tweezers if you want...but do not grasp it on the body. Gently pull towards you and hold, hold hold, hold.........the tick if still alive will "let go" and you can dispose of it.................I flush mine down the toilet!
We unfortunately have lots of ticks in my area. It has not been uncommon for me to find 10-20 ticks on my dogs after they have been outside. I check them every time they come in when it is the height of the season. Bath day is always a good time to check them from head to toe......I have found that the ticks tend to migrate to the head and face more on the yorkies than anywhere else. We have to use lawn treatment as well for this problem and you can find it in most gardening type stores or departments. We have never seen a flea here but I know other areas do have problems with them. Talk to your vet and choose a product that is right for you..........but do choose a product!! Holly

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Here are Abbie's pups trying solid food for the first time. They loved it!! These pups are exceptionally cute and they are so much fun to watch! They all have individual little personalities and when they play it never fails that one end up upside down with their little feet up in the air. They have been so content and they never cry..........they are just the most rolly polly little ones for sure!! Holly

Monday, April 16, 2007


Dear Holly,
Thank you so much for our precious little Jessi. She has been the sweetest and most social little girl. I feel very blessed to have found you as a breeder. I did a lot of research trying to find a good Yorkshire Terrier breeder. I made many telephone calls and searched many hours online. I finally came across your website and was very impressed with all the information you had available. After reading everything on your website and speaking to you directly on the telephone, it was very obvious to me how loving and caring you were with your Yorkies. I loved the fact that you "interviewed" me before agreeing to sell a puppy to me. Since having Jessi home for week - I have had several questions and you have always been right there to answer them not matter how silly. It is so comforting to know you and all your knowledge are always available. The puppy care package you put together for us when we picked her up was unbelievable and had everything spelled right out for the future care of our new addition.
Thank you so much Holly for allowing us to purchase one of your beautiful Yorkies. I not only found a great breeder but a new dear friend.
Shelley Cole (Jessi's Mom)


"Ok.........I'm on the pee what do I do???? " Potty training and crate training can be frustrating and discouraging at times. Some pups do better than others in these catagories but do-diligence is the key.
Let's look at crate training first. Crate training is a necessity!! Not only can you use it to keep your puppy safe, but they can learn to stay in their crate at bedtime and for traveling. (never ride with your pup loose in the car or holding your pup). Accidents do happen and the poor pup can be catapulted out of your arms should you hit something or someone hit you. The crate experience should be a positive thing. Do not use your crate as punishment. At different times during the day, put your pup in the crate to sleep. If they cry, say "no"....shhhhhh. and leave them. Within a few minutes they should settle down and rest. At night, use the same tactic. I have put the crate near the bed so that I could reach down and stick my fingers in so they can see that I am right here. I just started this with Ali. She whimpers just a minute or two and then falls sound asleep. I don't hear from her until morning. She is doing great!! What is in my crate? I have a bed or sleeping blanket stuffed near the back....her blankey and a stuffed toy. In the front I place one pee pad and I have put a very small bowl of food and a hampster watering tube in case she gets thirsty. If she does have to pee.......the pad is there. Until the pup holds his/her bladder all at least allows them to elimate on a pad and not on their bed. They do not like to soil their bedding.
When your pup is out and them....nose to the ground means ...maybe I am looking for a place to pee or poo. Pick up the pup on put them on a pad. Use the same words..go pee pee or poo poo.......or whatever. Try to keep them on the pad for a few seconds. If you see them start to go on the floor....say NO! and pick them up and put them on the pad. Tell them go pee pee on papers.........good girl or boy. If they go on the floor and you find it.........forget it! Do not punish them or scold them.........they dont remember that far back and wont know why they are getting scolded.
The other thing I have done is to create a small enclosed area with their bed/crate open and pee pads on the floor. I used a bathroom closet with a gate in the door and kept Kelsi there when I went to work or left the house when she could not go with me. Food in another corner. Once they use the pads enough....they will look for them when they have to go.............Good luck...and remember, do-diligence, continuity, consistency. Holly

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Dear Holly,
I just wanted to write a small note to let you know how much we are loving Lola and thank you for the wonderful and professional experience in buying her from you. I have done many searches online and have spoken to many breeders before deciding on Taylor Made Yorkies for my little baby. I did not rush into buying a Yorkie from just anyone. I researched and spoke to many breeders from all over the United States for 9 months before making my decision to go with you.
When I spoke to you on the phone you were right up front with me. You did not sugar coat anything just so I would buy a puppy from you. You interviewed me as if I were a potential employee because you wanted to make sure your puppies went to the right homes. That was an important part of why I chose Taylor Made Yorkies. You cared where your puppies went to after they left your home!!!
Once I decided to purchase from you, I sent in the contract and deposit. What surprised me the most was that I got almost daily emails from you about Jazzy's pregnancy and pending birth. Once born, I got pictures and updates almost daily!!! I could actutally put together a better 'baby album' of Lola than my own children!!!
You allowed us to come visit the puppies on 2 occassions before we finally took Lola home!!! We are enjoying her so much. Our vet has checked her out and confirmed she is very healthy!! We got so many people commenting on how cute she is.
Thank you for your kindness and expertise in the field of Yorkies. I know that if ever I have any questions about Lola, I know I can count on you to help me out.
Rosemary Buzzotta


"THERE'S NOTHING LIKE A YORKIE!!! " Have you ever heard this phrase? I have!! In fact I say it all the time because it is true. Yesterday I went shopping for supplies at 3 different pet stores. In the first store I ran into a gentleman carrying a distinguished looking yorkie, "Bentley". Oh, he is a yorkie, right? He's handsome! I told him. The man said, 'Yes, I was opposed to getting him when my wife told me she wanted one....but now, I would not part with him for the world..........there is nothing like a yorkie!
The next store I went to brought a couple of women walking around with an older male yorkie and two new yorkie girls. They looked to be around 12 weeks or so.... "these are our pets, we are not the breeder". Those pups drew much attention and I heard them say, "there is nothing like a yorkie...........we just love them!
Later that day, I took Ali for a socialization outing........."oh look at that yorkie...she is beautiful!"A man approached me and told me he just loved yorkies..........he was carrying a shiz-mix". Obviously, Yorkie Love is in and about us. Every family that we have let adopt one of our babies says the same thing..............."we just love him or her". Yorkies are highly intellegent, committed and loving. There's nothing like a YORKIE!!! Holly

Friday, April 13, 2007


Denali is the pup we are keeping for potential show. She is out of Taylor's Jazzy Star and Taylor's Sir Grady. She is 12 weeks now and is coming along really well. I have started leash training and we are starting handling classes next week. Denali is very outgoing and is responding to commands already. She will come when called, she has started sitting on command and will walk with me on the leash. We have been practicing the "stack" although she likes to sit in this position........but she will get it after awhile.
As you are introducing new things and commands to your puppy, use a reward system. I use teeny tiny pieces of beef pupperoni and she loves them. She knows if she does what I ask, she gets a piece. I do not give her some for trying........only when she does it.
I do this also when handling her toes, ears and teeth. I tell her, "toes" and I rub them, hold her nails and massage inbetween her pad, the same with her ears. I also touch her teeth and rub my fingers on them as brushing will come soon along with the fact that in the show ring the judge will lift her lips to look at them........Training can be tedious, however, these pups are very intellegent and with consistency and repetitivness, they train relatively easy. Holly

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


WHAT AN EASTER PRESENT!!!!! Here is Anya going home with her new mom Jane........ It is really exciting for me as Anya is staying in the TMY's family. You see, Jane is MY mom.........this way we get to see her and we are assured the BEST home for her. Congratulations and THANKS Mom and Dad!!! Love Holly


Here is a picture of Taylor's Little Anya. Anya was the smallest pup that survived in Jazzy's litter. She gave us a run for our money as she was very tiny and needed supplement feedings several times a day. I found out quickly that she liked "Goats milk" rather than dog replacement milk. Not only were the feedings important, but Anya also had "splayed hind legs" from being squished inside her mom with 4 other siblings. I did physical therapy on her legs everyday 2-4 times a day faithfully, praying that she would not have a disability. Anya at 12 weeks old is absolutely perfect!!!! She runs, jumps, plays and trots right along with no sign of inperfection. My hard work and deligence paid off with this little girl. At 12 weeks she weighs 1 lb 9oz. She will probably mature to around 3 lbs. She is just adorable and I think one of the sweetest puppies we have had at TMY. Holly


I have to first apologize that I have not been very good about getting new pictures on here with Abbie's pups. Everyone including myself has been extremely busy with puppies and Easter. My webmaster should be updating my website soon as Abbie's pups are now 3 weeks old and now we have a new litter to put on as well. In the meantime, I will try to put some info on here for you to see.

These puppies are absolutely adorable!! Most have that teddy bear look and they are just as rolly polly as ever. Abbie is a great Mom. I have not heard these pups cry and they have been the most content of any litter we have had. They have started to play and walk around in the whelping box as well. These pics are about a week old now so I will be getting some new ones soon. 3 boys are sold and the girl and the little boy are on hold at TMY. Depending how they both progress, they may stay at TMY for future breeding and show. Should I change my mind, you will be the first to know!! Holly

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Hi everyone. Ruby delivered her babies around 9:30 am this morning. She did wonderful and had a really easy time. She is being totally attentive and loving and her babes are adorable. The first born was girl #1 3 7/8 oz, boy 5 oz, and girl #2 4 3/8 oz. Sorry the picture rotated back........I thought I fixed it but I guess not!!! Both girls are spoken for but we have this darling boy available. Email me if interested. Holly

Friday, April 06, 2007


I took Ruby today for her x-ray. She is expecting 3 little babies. Now if we just get all girls.........LOL. (I hope I did not jinx myself). I am really sorry I did not get a photo of the xray this time. With the power being off here at my house for 2 days from the heavy snow, and also taking the 3 pups up for shots and microchipping...........I totally forgot the camera!! Her babies are all headed out head first and they are lined up in her tummy like a bugle players in a band.......all side by side! She can have her pups anytime from Easter on.........wish us luck!! Holly

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I have the girls, ( my granddaughters) every Tuesday night and it gives them, and the pups an opportunity to get to know each other. The puppies just love little people!!!!
Taylor, 6 years old, is our namesake for our Kennel name........and Kierney, one year old, just loves the puppies and enjoys getting puppy kisses. Holly


Most of the pups eyes opened yesterday. I went upstairs this morning to get some pictures to put on and there just was no way. All the pups were snuggled in and sleeping soundly. I will try later.
I did however get growth weights yesterday. The pups are 16 days old. The winner of the little piggy award is the little girl!! I have banded the boys with colors........they were getting to hard to tell apart as they all are adorable and about the same sizes. They are as follows:
Female (pink) 3 7/8oz now 12 5/8oz
Boy(yellow)2 1/2oz now 8 3/4oz Boy (blue) 4.25 now 12 1/2oz Boy (Peach) 4 now 11 5/8oz Boy (green) 3 7/8oz now 11 3/8oz.
Everyone is doing great and we will try to get open eyes pics soon. Holly

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


My tiny boy is doing well this morning. He is alert and hungry.......nursing and active. His lungs sound perfectly clear and he appears to not be having any issues. I will continue to keep a close eye on him for the next several days to be sure nothing pops up! If you have friends that breed dogs and you think of it, pass this story along. It can happen......... but I can guarantee all of you...that it wont happen again here!! Holly

Monday, April 02, 2007


As most of you have heard there is a nation wide pet food recall on many brands of cat and dog food. There are also several brands of treats and chews that are being recalled now. Although the pet food companies are not telling us what is poisoning our cats and dogs, it appears it may have something to do with wheat gluten used to congeal the gravys in some of these foods. The tainted food causes kidney failure and death for the most part. Some signs and symptoms are known to be vomiting, lethargy and excessive thirst.
Taylor Made Yorkies feeds Purina One, Purina One Puppy and Royal Canin-Baby dog 30, 33 and adult. (both dry foods). I do feed my pups and my nursing moms Pedigree canned puppy and Pedigree Choice cuts in sauce. I have stopped all canned foods until they figure out what is going on. Please, if you have purchased one of my pups and are not following my recommended guidelines for dog foods and treats, .........please reconsider. So far the two main foods I feed have not been affected. If you would like more information, please check online under "pet food recall." Thanks so much. Holly

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Every Saturday I spend much of my day grooming and bathing all the dogs. Each one first gets trimmed, ears, feet and butt. I then trim their nails and use the special eye wipes for staining and give them a good teeth brushing.

Then off to the bath. I use Pet Silk Moisturizing shampoo. When you bathe your yorkie, be sure to not scrub the shampoo into their coat. I lather down and gently pull the coat away and out from the body to help eliminate making tangles and knots. Be sure to wash their bottoms well. I then rinse. After I am sure to have the soap out, I apply a good moisturing conditioner. Again I use the same technique. Then I rinse, and rinse and rinse some more. Just when I think I am finished........I rinse again. Obviously it is really important to rinse.LOL.

I towel dry with lite scrubbing again. I blow dry and wait until the coat is still slightly wet to then comb. Be really careful not to rip hairs and if you encounter any snarls w0rk them out slowly. Once combed thru, I finish blow drying and sissor trim anything else I think needs it. I finish them with a squirt of Miracle Coat Finishing spray. I clean out their ears well and pull hairs. Then I put their topknots in. At home I ponytail them. OH HOW BEAUTIFUL!!

Today baths were done and the sun was shining brightly on the porch. So of course they all love that..............and rub, and work at getting the bows out and messing up their hair..............oh well...the satisfaction is knowing they have been done and that they are all spic and span clean! Grady demonstrates well just what I am talking about............the little devil!! (see pic above.) Holly