Wednesday, January 31, 2007



Also, the picture of Sweet Mommy to be was taken the day of her X-ray showing all her babies.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The Antique Appraisal day is going to held at Wells Elementary School on Saturday April 21st, 2007 from 10 am to 3 pm.. The famous Skinners of Boston will be there to appraise your antiques.


I know I am prejudice, but are these not some of the most beautiful babies you have ever seen??? Three of the girls opened their eyes on Sunday.

Miss teeney tiny waited until yesterday but she is just as cute as can be! The only thing about their eyes open is, when you pick them up, don't they hollar......... and......they just won't hold still already! I can tell they are going to be the typical holy terrriers!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Hi all, I thought I would take a change of pace for today and talk about something other than puppies even though lately, they have really consumed my time and life!!

I want to talk about a local Club that I belong to. It's the York County Kennel Club and we meet every last Monday of the month at 7 pm at the Eldora Boston House located right beside the West Kennebunk Animal Shelter. To learn about their history and what they do, you can go to their website at

I joined the Club last year after attending an AKC point show that they were hosting at the Acton Fair Grounds. I had never been to a dog show and I was truly amazed!! I had never seen so many breeds of dogs in my life and many of them I had NO idea even what they were called. I was in wonder of all the activity, enthusiasm and knowledge there. Of course my focus was on the yorkies.........but there were many other show handlers and breeders there as well.
For the most part, people would speak with you, answer your questions and be friendly, however there also were those who were stowic, wouldn't even look at you or smile and kept to themselves. That's ok, as the tension and work being done is serious business for many. It could mean finishing a championship or earning points toward their championship to promote their lines and dogs. Either way, for me it was exciting and a BIG learning experience. I networked with a couple of Maine breeders but also with some from Connecticut and New York. Their dogs were absolutely beautiful in their show coats and more!! It was just like being at the Eukanuba Championship show for me!! (you can't tell I was excited!)
Anyway, I met this wonderful lady Charlotte M. Apparently she has been a member of the Club since it's inception. One thing led to another and I joined right on the spot. This group carrys a world of experience and knowledge and I value my membership with them. We not only work hard but we also have fun. I would encourage anyone that has a love for dogs to join. If I can sponsor you let me know.

The Club is holding some fundraisers coming up and here is a sneak preview. On 4/21/06 we are sponsoring an Antique Appraisal know kinda of like what is on TV. You can bring one to three items and for a small fee get it appraised. The location will be announced. Watch in local papers and I will post it here. Also the next YCKC AKC Point Show will be held on May 5th and 6th at the Acton Fairgrounds. Save the date and come on out. You will not be disappointed.

On 3/25 There will be a "Meet the Breeds" Showcase at the Saco Recreation building. I am going to try to participate with my girls. Come on out for fun time and to see all the different kinds of dogs. As other activities develop. I will try to keep you posted.

Hope you have enjoyed this kind of information as well.....and maybe you will see me in the showring this year!! Holly

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Here are some pictures of the new babies. We are still watching them closely, monitoring their weights and activity. They have changed so much in just 10 days and are taking on their own looks. Hope you enjoy them. Holly

Monday, January 22, 2007


Just a quick update for everyone. Jazzys pups are a week old today and are making good gains. Girl 1 weighs 6 5/8oz up a total of 2 7/8 since birth day, Girl 2 53/8oz up 1 3/4, Girl 3, miss teeny tiny 3 3/8 up 1 3/8, and Girl 4, 4 1/4 up 2 1/8th oz.
We have cut back on the supplement feedings to a couple a day and they are tolerating it well. All tails and dews are done now.........soooooooooo cute!!!
Jazzy is being a wonderful mom and is an old pro at mommy hood well.
I have some new photo's but as usual, the batteries died. I will get them on as soon as I can. Thanks for everyone who kept these little ones in their prayers.......we appreciate it more than you know. Holly

Friday, January 19, 2007


I am pleased to say that the new babies are holding their own.
#1 girl now weighs 5 1/4 oz, up 1.5oz in 4 days, #2 girl 4 1/4 oz., up 1 1/8th oz, #3 girl 2.5oz, up 1/2oz and #4 girl 2 5/8 oz, up 1/2 oz.
The two teeney ones are not gaining allot but look stronger and seem healthy. We may not be out of the woods yet, but things look promising.
2 girls are sold already and we are hoping to be able to find wonderful homes for the other two tiny ones. We have been receiving many inquiries but just have not found the right homes yet.
Jazzy is being a wonderful mom and is soooooooo attentive. Of course I am spoiling her to death with lots of protein rich foods and catering to her every need. Having little baby yorkies is lots of work and stressful at times, but for me, it could not be more rewarding or it could not make me more proud.
I truly am blessed to have such wonderful furbabies and so much unconditional love around me. If you feel you are missing something in your life..... maybe it is a yorkie. They can fill any void you may have and love you more than you ever thought yourself deserving. Have a wonderful night. Holly

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Sunday night Jazzy was very restless. She sleeps with me every night and she woke me up several times "nesting" in my bed. I was thinking that she might have the pups on my bed, but knew she would wake me.
Monday morning she would not eat her treats so I knew it would be close. I put her in the whelping box behind my computer station while I was trying to work. About 8 am Dr Hutchins office called to ask how she was doing. At that point I told them she was fine, restless but fine. They wanted to let me know they were in the office and if I needed anything to please call. I could not have a better doc or office to go to for my dogs. I am so blessed for sure!!!
Around 9 a.m. she started pushing. WOW!!! I didn't expect it.....a day early!!!We had to scamble to get everything out we would need at the last minute. After a few minutes we saw our first puppy. We had to assist a little as the baby came breech and her fat little belly was holding up progress. # 1 girl weighing in at 3 1/8th ounce.
About an hour later #2 baby was born. About the same synario, we had to assist, another breech and this girl weighed in at 3 3/4 ounce.
There was quite a long lull with no activity but finally around noon number 3 pup came flying out. I was sitting next to the box and I heard a 'SQUIRT" of water and looked and #3 was lying there. Another girl!!!!! She weighed in at exactly 2 ounces. SHE IS SOOOOOO TINY!!!!!!
In between babies we were trying to get the first 3 to nurse. The little one was rather weak and just would not open her mouth to latch on. I got the premaid newborn milk out, warmed it and I-dropper fed her to get her started. She looked healthy but just so tiny.
We waited and waited for number 4 pup. It was unnerving both my husband and myself. Around 2:15 out popped number 4. Another girl weighing in at 2 1/8 ounce. OH MY GOODNESS....another little teeny tiny. The baby latched right on and started nursing immediately. Still waiting for #5........................................................................................
It was about 4:00pm or so and she started pushing again. My husband had gone outside earlier to put on the snowplow as we were having an icestorm. In a split second #5 had been born. It was a boy!!!! I tore the sack and started rubbing and cleaning like I had the other 4 but something was wrong........I saw him stuggling to take his first breaths.........but I could tell he was in trouble. Of course I yelled to Scott and he came running in. In 2 seconds flat we cut the cord and started working on him.......come on little boy...come on!!!! He took about 3 little breaths more but stopped. I tried really hard to get him going again but to no evail. I lost him. This little tyke only weighed 1 5/8th ounce. He was extremely tiny and underdeveloped. How could I tell??? He was gray in color.......not black, his little eyes were big bubbles like he had more progressing to do......he was so tiny, and as I stroked his little limp body I noticed his ribs seemed crushed on one side and probably puncture his little lungs. It was just not meant to be. I struggled with this loss very much the rest of the day and the next. Shed lots of tears for him and just felt so helpless. Loss is not easy of any kind. I know he would probably have had lots of problems and may have even died after a few days...........but it is still difficult. Scott and I had decided we were going to keep a little male if she had this was OUR baby we lost.
The moment God took my little boy to heaven, I realized that God needs yorkies too!!!!! I bet he is running around being the "HOLY TERRIER" that they are. I am blessed with 4 girls and I am thankful. Jazzy my little girl is doing great and she is a wonderful mom. The puppies are holding their own. We have continued to supplement with newborn milk day and night. I am tired but it is worth it. Today they actually act a little stronger which gives me hope they all will be ok.
Continue to keep them in your prayers so that they grow strong and all stays well. Thanks so much.............Holly

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sweet Mommy to be....

Here is a picture of my beautiful little Jazzy Star....Mommy to be.


As all of you know if you have been reading my blog, Jazzy is due in just 3 more days. I have been concerned about the size of her belly and how many babies she might be carrying. We had her checked a few weeks ago but couldn't tell. Well finally the day arrived for another x-ray and here it is!!! It is easy to see the 4 round little heads toward the bottom of her belly.........but look out. Up where that pollywog shaped dark area is there is another one!!! 5 babies!!!! We could not believe it!!! This is her first litter and she was only bred one day. We never would have dreamed for five!!! HOLY BELLY NELLIE! So we are impatiently waiting for the big moment. We are all prepared with everything we may need from gauze sponges to baby bottle and newborn milk to having our vet on call. Wish us luck and pray that Jazzy has live births, healthy pups and no complications! We will keep you posted. Holly

Friday, January 12, 2007

Maddie going home

Here is Maddie, Nick and Robin getting ready to go home. Maddie is wearing a beautiful pink knit sweater that Robin's mom made for her. Congratualations and sweet puppy kisses.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Hi everyone. All five of our puppies have been sold to the most WONDERFUL homes. We are so pleased and so happy for all of our new parents. Little Emma is going to the Dexter area. Toby and Rosie are going to the same home near Portland. Maddie is going to central Maine, and Tiny Tia is going to the Bangor area. We have a short waiting list for future pups and we know that one of our future pups will be going to Massachusetts. We do except deposits on future litters so don't miss out on our one of our pups......leave a deposit with us. Many of our pups are sold before they are born.........
Each and every one of our pups is special to us, and it is with the utmost care that we select their new parents. Yes, I said we select them. I have had many inquiries and if you don't meet our requirements then we don't sell the pup. Why? Because we want our babies to have wonderful homes with the right type of environment, as well as we select homes that will spay/neuter in most cases. No puppy mills, no pet shops and no breeders unless you meet our approval.
We recently had a woman from our area call and want to buy a pup. She told me she wanted to breed a litter. I asked her what she had for a male. She told me her male weighed 12, yes I said twelve pounds!!! I told her straight up ....NO WAY!! Our dogs are bred within the standard of 4-7 lbs. There is no way I would sell our little girls to a breeder with a 12 lb male!!!

Last week I was at the vets with a couple of my dogs. They told me again, how much they loved our dogs. They were so pleased with the fact that we breed within the standard and that our dogs are so well cared for. They told me that most of the yorkies they see are huge! 10-13 lbs and of course yorkies are supposed to weigh between 4-7lbs. I harp on this subject all of the time. When you register your dogs with the AKC, it's like taking an oath in my eyes. Breed within the standard and to better the breed. Breeding these large dogs is NOT bettering the breed. Spay/neuter these precious yorkies that have poor confirmation and are too large to be within the standard. Do the breed a favor!! Don't breed just for the money!

Yesterday I was asked why I don't allow full breeding rights with what I charge. NOPE-NO WAY!!! I see ads all the time for poor confirmation -10 lb yorkies for almost the same money. I am talking $100-200....and the best part is we pay YOU to spay/neuter with our rebates. I have made a solid commitment to my dogs and I will not sway. So we might do something different from other backyard breeders in the area? Yes we do.........but it is worth it! Would we sell a pup with full registration at some long as the circumstances are right and we approve it. It would also be a pup that we believe has all the attributes it needs to fit within the standard or show potential. I would love to find some homes of people who want to show. Don't hesitate to talk with us....ever. We are reasonable people....but dont be surprised either if we say NO DEAL!!! (I love that show!)

New puppies coming within 7 days. We are soooooooooooo excited!! Have a great day! Holly

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I have been doing some research and reading articles about the barrage of "designer dogs" being bred in the U.S. It's amazing to me that people are spending $400 to $2000 for the cross bred dogs.
It used to be that crosses between AKC dogs were considered mistakes. We called them mutts, Heinz 57's, mongrels and more. But over the last 5 years, but more prevalent the last 2, these cross breeds have become so ever popular. Even movie stars are buying them and flauting them on National TV. We are forever hearing about Labradoodles, Yorkiepoo's, Shizpoo's, puggles, shorkies and more.
One has to wonder why this has become such the rage and such the craze.......
Do you realize that these designer dogs even have their own registering organization like AKC? It's called the American Canine Hybrid Club. My understanding is that they are registering over 500, yes I said FIVE HUNDRED litters per month!!!!
It has been reported by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association that the "number or mutts grew by ONE MILLION to THIRTY-ONE MILLION dogs in the last 5 years." It blows my mind!!!
Many reports indicate that there are more of these "designer dogs" turned into shelters than ever before. Puppy mills are producing pups faster than they can sell them. Many of these poor little God's creatures are ending up not placed in loving homes.
There are also many reports regarding the cross breeding of these dogs and the physical and medical problems arising. Two reports I read talked about the Puggles. This is a cross between a pug and beagle. Apparently they are prone to having their eyes pop out onto their cheeks due to the type of eye socket they produce! I can't even imagine..............!!!!! A very informative article was produced by Jessica Fischer puplished on 06/24/06. You can look it up on the web. The title is "Designer Dogs: Fashionable hybrids may face problems later."
Yes I understand that may breeds are prone to different hereditary and genetic problems, but why breed dogs if one is going to ignore all the literature. As a responsible breeder, I try to breed within the standard. I try to better the breed. I try to make sure that all of my pups go to loving homes and if for some reason they cannot stay with their new parents, the pup/dog MUST come back to me. I screen all of the inquiries that come into me regarding my puppies. I never ever want one of my pups to end up in a puppy mill.
Just yesterday I was speaking with an associate yorkie breeder. She commented that Maine was a HUGE PUPPY MILL STATE!!! I never thought that....but it made me stop and think.

I love Yorkshire Terriers. I love the BREED! Anyone that has owned a yorkie knows what I am talking about. They steal your heart, they become a HUGE part of your life, and they love you unconditionally. Their beauty and loyalty surpasses all other breeds in my eyes.

For those of you out there breeding 8-14 pound yorkies, chocolates, and cross breeding I have a question for you............... Can you honestly say you love yorkies? Can you look at yourself in the mirror and say that when you bought your first AKC registered baby yorkie that you committed to breed within the standard and to improve it? Can you honestly look into the heavens and tell God that you are breeding to share your love for these dogs....or is it for the money???

My dear readers........Help me keep the breed what it is supposed to be..........true full bred, AKC registered Yorkshire Terriers, bred within the standard set forth by AKC. Help me put the puppy mills out of business and help those who care as I, to shame these breeders that breed outside the standard. We together can stop this maddness of designer dogs by boycotting the purchase of them. That will slow them need for supply.

If I have hit a nerve on this subject, my apologies. This is just my opinion, and I welcome yours.


This is just a reminder that we expect all of our puppies to stay on NuVet vitamins for one year. It is part of our purchase contract. What you do after that is up to you. We have found that NuVet vitamins contribute to the overall health of our dogs. All of my adults get them daily.
You can start your puppies on them at about 4 months of age and continue on this dosage up to 4 pounds, use 1/4 tablet.
For dogs 5 lbs to 10 lbs 1/2 tablet.
To order your NuVet vitamins, call 1-800-474-7044 and you must use the code 30388.
If anyone would like more information, I have brochures available and samples. Just write me or call me and I will send it out to you. Thanks Holly


It was just brought to my attention that allot of you out there might not know about Blogs. Well I don't know much about them either, except it is a place for me to post more pictures, write you informative things or just to vent about subjects for all to read. readers are welcome to comment, write, ask questions or plain disagree with me if you would like. Just click on the comment button, sign in as you, someone else or no-one and write your comment in the box. Click submit or finish or whatever that button is.
When I see 2 comments, 3 comments etc. I can go in and respond to it or acknowledge that you have written.
All readers can click on the comments or links and get in on the action.
Write me please. I would love it!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Over the weekend I was contacted by a young lady named Stacy from Ohio who has a litter of yorkies. Her pups are almost 8 weeks and none of them have their ears up. This is her first litter and she had lots of questions. I don't mind sharing my knowledge at all. Am I an expert? Absolutely not, as I learn something new every day. I am very fortunate to have met a lady who has been raising yorkies for many many years. Gert has helped me tremendously and I know that I would not have gotten through some of the times I have had without her. Gert lives in Muskegon Michigan...just a few miles from But she is always there for me via email or phone.
Stacy wanted to know when her babies ears would come up. There is no simple answer as all babies are different, particularly when it comes to the size of the ears. If you think about it, if the ears are on the larger end of the spectrum, it is more difficult for the pups to get them to stand. I have found that my dogs with the tiny ears stand by 3-4weeks on their own. Both Tia and Rosies ears came up nicely on their own.
Even though Emma, Toby and Maddie all have what I call a medium ear, the weight of the hair on the ears also makes a difference. I shave the tips down to 1/2 of the ear, top and bottom around week 4. If they still don't stand, I shave the full ear mostly on the top to relieve the weight of the hair on top of the ear around week 5-6. When I play and handle the pups, I massage the bases of their ears to try to strengthen them.
If they have still not come up, I tape them for a couple of days to see if this helps them stand.
I have had really good luck with this practice. Usually within a day or two they are up and standing on their own. Should an ear flop back down, then I tape it again. Always continue to massage them. I have seen a pups ears flop back down around 4 months of age. Teething can cause this. If this happens, shave them down and massage them daily. If they don't come back up you can tape them again.
If a pups ears do not come up on their own, does this mean they are not of good confirmation? Absolutely not!!! Every baby and every adolescent is different. Just show some patience and determination and they will stand and stay up.
One thing that I have learned since starting to raise yorkies is that "most" yorkie breeders enjoy sharing their knowledge and experiences. Of course there are those that wish to keep everything a secret.........but I am not one of those people. I am always here for anyone who might want to talk yorkies, ask questions or just chat. And again, I will always be here for any mom or dad that buys one of my babies........There is never a dumb question!!! Holly

Monday, January 01, 2007


It's 2007 and I awoke to some whimpering. ( 6 a.m. and this is late by most days!) Down the stairs I went and what do I see? There waiting for me are 3 little monster Yorkies that had figured out how to get out of their whelping box, running all around my house!!! They started barking at me with their little yip yip sounds as if to say, "look at me mom........we are exploring!!!" I laughed out loud but relized within a second as I stepped off the bottom step that now the search has begun. Yeck....soggy sock first thing in the morning...........that stinks!
I gathered them up and put them into the playpen. I have approximately a 6 x 10 area gated off where they can play. They have such cute little personalities now. Their little butts wiggle 90 miles an hour, they hop and jump, they yip and attack your feet.........."my little monster children" I say as I give them a hug and a little pat on the head and back. Well I might as well put the other two into play as well. They have such fun together wrestling and exploring.
Then out I go to the living room to hunt out the treasure..........yep...lots of treasures!!! Have a wonderful day...........I have to go and make some wash water.......hehe


Another year has passed...a time to reflect, a time to count your blessings, a time to make your new year resolutions. 2006 brought some wonderful things to my household and I am counting my blessings for sure. A new job, the purchase of some property and three beautiful litters of puppies without complication, and good health for my family to name a few.
I can think of many friends and families who were not as fortunate as I, as saddness and misfortune went their way this past year. My heart is heavy for those associates and I can only pray that 2007 will bring uplifting days and healing for them.
I was watching the ball drop in New York City last night at the hour struck 12. What does this mean to most people....?? New beginnings? Hope? Love? The end of the war? What ever it may be, and whatever 2007 may bring..........It is a wonderful day when the sun comes up and new day has begun. I thank God for this and pray that everyone has a wonderful, happy, prosperous and healthful New Year. Taylor Made Yorkies